Worth the Money

It is no secret that I am cheap.  I clip coupons.  I reuse things.  I sell things on Craigslist for extra cash.  I do it for the thrill, by necessity, and because it is in my blood.

So when I spend almost $100 for a toy set, you better believe it’s a big old deal around here.  Much hemming and hawing and online research before I could finally pull the trigger.  But I did, a few weeks ago, and bought some Magna-Tiles.  I waited until our local Shenanigans toy store had a sale, and bought the 100 piece set for my kids.

They have played with them every single day since I bought them, about a month ago.  Not kidding.  Sometimes for long chunks of the day, sometimes for little spurts.  Every day.  They build roads, they make train stations for their trains, they hide cars and “treasures” in little rooms of Magna-Tiles houses, they make animal shapes out of them- it just goes on and on.

I have been so happy with this purchase.  I would like to add to the set at some point.  I just think this is a great toy.

So, if you have a spare $100 burning a hole in your pocket and want to blow it on the kiddos, this is what I’d spend it on.  Or if you have generous family members who are asking for Christmas requests– this is a good one.

I’d trade in 10 little toy purchases for one big toy with staying power.  And this is that toy for us.


10 thoughts on “Worth the Money

  1. When my kids were younger, we walked through Shenanigans so they could make a C’mas or B-day list. Then I emailed the list to family, who called the store to make a phone order. Shenanigans woul have the gift, already wrapped, when I picked it up. Love that store.

    • I had kind of written it off as too pricey (based on the fact that it’s not a big chain…so surely everything costs an arm and a leg?) but that’s not the case at all. They have great stuff! And the staff were really helpful.

  2. yeah, is that a lit up table? that seems to add a lot to that particular toy. how’d you do that?

    • The light box boosts the cool factor, for sure. I made it last year and we brought it back out a few weeks ago (after it had been in the closet for a while). The link is in the comments above. It was pretty simple to DIY. And has made lots of play extra-fun.

  3. i’ve never even heard of these before… so you think they’re better than legos? i was going to do legos this christmas but maybe i will reconsider… does that table light up?

    • When you step on these they don’t hurt near as much as Legos. So that’s a point for Mega-Tiles.

      There’s something about these that are addicting, even for adults who are playing with them with the kids. I hope to add on to our stash of them at Christmas and birthdays. I have recently stumbled onto the idea of having more of one particular type of toy, rather than accumulating a bunch of different toys. This is the toy I have zeroed in on.

      The table lights up. Deets are in the comments above. My kids have played with them on the light box and without, and love them either way, but the lights are a nice touch.

  4. What a find!!!!! I love the cowboy gear Ramsey is wearing:). What a gift it was to be with y’all this weekend. Thanks for coming.

  5. You are so right about one great toy being better than 10 so-so ones. Hate to think of all the money I wasted on toys my kids never really played with. This one looks awesome. One that was a favorite when mine were young (but a little older than yours) are those little sticks with magnets in the ends of them. (Can’t remember the name…) They were pricey, too, but got lots of use. And my mom (giver of the best toys) got them a huge wooden marble run set. It was also not-cheap, but my daughter spent hours building the coolest marble runs. That one still comes out every once in a while, and she’s in high school now!

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