So It Turns Out…

1.  …that I don’t need to keep up with the laundry after all.  I got stuck on the “fold and put away” phase for about 8 days, and no one seemed to notice.  Our clean laundry sat in the basket and four of us shuffled around one shared bath towel that entire time.  Also, no one went naked.  Not even partially naked.  We had more than enough clothes.

(It helps that we only bathe our kids once a week.  Or maybe that just makes it more gross, but in a eww-you-should-really-bathe-them-more-often, instead of eww-I-can’t-believe-you’d-share-a-bath-towel way).

Lesson learned:  Don’t do laundry until that one towel you are all sharing totally grosses you out.  And- as if you needed confirmation- you have more than enough clothes, and so do your kids.

2.  …that I was mistaken when I overheard two older ladies talking at the gym.  “I have him trained to come help me when I ask him to.  But it has taken a long time!”  “Oh yes- mine won’t do a thing unless he thinks there’s a reward coming his way!”.  Are they talking about their dogs?  No- their husbands!

Lesson learned:  Overhearing someone talk about their husband in the same way they would a dog is kind of depressing.

3.  …that it doesn’t matter how much stuff I sell on Craigslist and take to Goodwill.  My attic is still more full than it has ever been.  Does that stuff procreate up there?

Lesson learned:  Just give up.  Stuff wins every time.

4.  …that my two year old Monkey is the worst ever at fake-smiling for the camera.  Behold the eldest pumpkin:

Is something hurting you?

And again:

Are you unsure of something?

Lesson learned:  Oh my gosh.  They are so cute that it doesn’t matter.


3 thoughts on “So It Turns Out…

  1. They are darling and I love them!!!!!! You are funny. He and Caleb could go toe to toe with the constipated facial expressions, otherwise known as smiles, for the camera.

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