It Seems Counterintuitive

I think I’ve mentioned before that we give our kids a bath about once a week.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  So go ahead and skip this post if you think that’s gross and would never want to read anything I have to say on the topic of face-washing or hair washing.  Because that’s the topic for today.

I’m aiming for skin like this

A few weeks ago I stopped washing my hair with shampoo.  There are a few people right now who are thinking “I KNEW her hair looked particularly janky lately” and then others saying “No way!  Those beautiful locks?  Impossible.”  Still others saying “I wish I could see her hair to determine if I should read on or not.”

Sorry, suckers.  I’m at my dad’s house for the day and don’t have my camera to snap a picture of my hair.  And let’s not assume I have an iphone and can just take a dreamy instagram picture.  Because I don’t and I can’t.

I started reading about this no-shampoo thing a year or two ago.  My friend Laura did it for…gosh…a couple of months, maybe?  She has really long hair and I never would have been able to tell the difference.  So I figured- what the heck?  I only wash my hair once a week, as it is.  Might as well try a new routine.

So- a few tablespoons of baking soda in an empty shampoo bottle.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Shake it up.  Work some of that mess in your hair, concentrating on the roots.  Rinse it out after a little bit, as you would shampoo.

I hear that people use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner, but I haven’t needed to try it.  I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and have no need for conditioner- the regular or the vinegar kind.

The transition from shampoo’ing once a week to baking soda’ing a couple of times a week has been pretty seamless.  I haven’t noticed a lick of difference in my hair.  It isn’t greasy or anything.

When I decided to try this out, I also figured I’d try the whole oil-cleansing thing.  If my hair is a greasy mess, why not have an oily face to match?  So- before I get in the shower, I put some oil on my face.  I use one part castor oil to three parts olive oil, and I have it stored in a little squirty bottle in the bathroom.  I use this ratio because my skin tends to be dry, but I think you’d use a different ratio if you have oily or sensitive skin.  (This post, including the comments, is the rabbit hole I fell in, which convinced me to try this crazy idea.  That’s also where you can see the different ratios and oils that people try).  Rub the oil in, let the steamy shower do it’s magical work, then wipe the oil off with a washcloth after a couple of minutes in the shower.

Here’s my disclaimer:  I’m not terribly prone to acne or breakouts.  I think I lucked out with my genes and have pretty forgiving skin as a result.  So I felt pretty safe trying this whole oil thing.  I figured my skin could bounce back if the oil messed it up.  But it hasn’t.  Like the no-shampoo thing, the oil cleansing has felt pretty seamless.  My skin feels nice and moisturized, but that could also be because I’ve been drinking a lot more water lately.

Why not just use shampoo and normal face-washes?  I guess the same reason I like using cloth diapers– it keeps things simple (I have all that I need on hand, at all times), it is inexpensive, and there are no weirdo chemicals to think twice about.

Next up?  Ditching the antiperspirant!  (Not kidding).


16 thoughts on “It Seems Counterintuitive

  1. I highly recommend getting some soapwalla deodorant. It’s the absolute best natural option. Unless you’d rather make something of your own.

  2. i’m totally going to be staring at your hair and skin and smelling you the next time i see you.

  3. I mentioned the oil-cleansing method to the husband a year ago and he scoffed. Not a month ago, he told me he’s ready to try it. We haven’t yet, but maybe we’ll take the plunge soon.

  4. Andy went of anti-perspirent a few years ago (it only was a problem for me when I was pregnant 🙂 While we are being judged for grossness…one day I had run out of my usual stick and borrowed his deoderant…never looked back. Trader Joes makes a good unscented basic deoderant. Thats what I use now. Just keep shaving those girls, don’t go whole hog on me or anything 😉

    • no antiperspirant? just basic deodorant? you’re more hippie than i am! we just got a trader joe’s a few weeks ago- i’ll go check out their deodorant selection.

      no plans to cease shaving. don’t worry.

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