Brain Dump

I have all sorts of long posts rolling around in my head.  Topics include: couponing, working with the space you’ve got, and inevitabilities of having children.

In the meantime, a brain dump will do.  In bullet points.

  • It appears I should have been more clear when I wrote about not shampoo’ing my hair anymore.  I do bathe, but I just don’t wash my hair that often.  And when I do, it is with baking soda.  But I’m still a pretty clean person.  I promise.
  • It occurred to me after writing about no longer using shampoo or face wash that I should have aimed for a few good hair days.  You know- show people around here how awesome my hair looks.  Fail.  The old scarf-in-the-hair has been in effect for several days.  I think it hides the bedhead, but it probably doesn’t.
  • I think I want to do another year of trying new things.  And/or I might dredge up old things that I’ve done before and bring them back.  Ideas include: a month of eating real food, a month of doing one thing at a time (what’s the word for “not-multitasking”- unitasking?), a month of posting on the blog every day, and a month of being uber-intentional with my time.  I’d love to hear more ideas.  I might not use them, but I’ll certainly laugh and make fun of them consider them.

Happy Tuesday!

I won’t really make fun of suggestions.  Promise.  I was just kidding.


6 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. So many blog posts, so little time! I wish I could write all the ones rolling around in my head. Unfortunately, many roll right back out before I can grab them.

    I started a project to see what I could accomplish in 15-minute increments. Holidays and work and health issues have derailed that a bit, but I have high hopes for resuming after the new year. I think you should join me for your project! (Go ahead and laugh. I can take it. :-))

  2. Yes!! Do a month at a time again!!! I loved those and am curious to try it as well with little goals.

  3. I’d love to hear some of your money saving tips. I can remember shopping with you in high school as you pondered a shirt on the discount rack and then decided you’d pass. If only I had that kind of discipline!

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