All Roads Lead Here

Mary and Joseph, obviously

Mary and Joseph, obviously

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy the picture of my kids playing “Mary and Joseph”.  Chicken wore a armchair cover on her head for several days and had her brother pull her around on this chair as the donkey.  In this picture they were fed up with all of the traveling.


I’m quite a voracious blog reader.  My Google Reader is just packed full, even though I regularly unsubscribe to blogs that no longer grab me.  Most of the blogs that I read are doing a year end wrap up/look ahead at 2013 right now.  I love reading them, and want to do one of my own (like I did last year) but just haven’t had the energy or mental space yet.

So, in the interim, how about a round of “search engine terms that have led to this blog,” in which I link to the post I think matches the term?

“Things to stop wearing in college”- I appreciate that I am the source for what not to wear in college.  Though I can’t remember when I would have written about that here.  How did they know?

Do I smell bad cos a housefly is chasing me around everyday?“-  Heavens, that sounds stressful.  I hope you found the help you needed here at Ye Old College Try.

time to go pee“- We’ve all been there.

Daughter tiny little diaper butt– I am yet to find a tiny diaper butt on a cloth-diapered baby.

Flow chart showing the stage and explanation of laundry process”  (or this one? or maybe this?)- Clearly, I have a problem with laundry.  This week I’m actually trying yet another approach to get the dang laundry on some sort of system.

Sex party– Get your mind out of the gutter.

interweb awkward pregnancy photos– I can’t take credit for a single one, but they are hilarious.


I have been on hold with Verizon, Settle Tire, Thompson Tire, Mellow Mushroom, and R.E. Boggs for at least 23 hours a day, since Monday.  I’m only exaggerating slightly.  I feel like I’ve given 2 years of my life to them in blood pressure changes and the money they are bleeding out of me.

Hence, I have not started a single resolution or good intention or, even, a half-assed try at something.  Don’t count me out, though.  I want and intend to do one thing a month again, just like the good old days.  A few ideas:

  • get outside for 30 minutes a day
  • a month of real food
  • pay it forward month
  • some sort of spend-nothing month
  • unitasking- the opposite of multitasking- month
  • read books for myself and to the kids
  • blog every day
  • 15 minutes a day toward a project that is overwhelming  (inspired by this)

And I might bring back some of my personal favorites:

  • get rid of 5 things a day
  • go to bed by 10:00, get up at 6:00
  • facebook-free month

Happy 2013!

With the Baby Jesus

With the Baby Jesus

7 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Here

  1. Search engine terms crack me up on a regular basis. Yours are so much better than ours. I think I’m jealous. 🙂 And I deeply love the idea of unitasking. I might have to steal it.

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to motivate me to do something this new year. I’ve spent the last 4 days waiting for your direction and inspiration.

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