Declaring the January Goal

So happy to have his Vitamin D for the day!

So happy to have his Vitamin D for the day!

Enough waffling.  It is January 6 already- time to declare my goal for the month.

After much deliberation, my goal for the month is to get outside every day for about 30 minutes.  This goal initially felt a little foolish to me, given the cold January weather.  And when I took my kids to the playground Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm, it seemed like a pretty dumb idea.  The wind almost did us in and we had what felt like 3 minutes of sun before it got dark and we had to head home again.

But the cold weather and shorter daylight hours give me an even more important reason to get outside.  With fewer sunny hours in the day, that cozy-indoorsy feeling can, for me, turn mopey and depressing.  Vitamin D, which we absorb from the sun, helps with that.  It also helps with bone density and a bunch of other things I should care more about.  Lastly, there’s a whole host of Very Important Researchers who claim that kids these days are nature-deficient.  Add that to your list of things to wring your hands over, feel guilty about, etc.  Then bundle those kids up and get them outside.

I’m going to tag on an important caveat to this monthly goal, and 2013 in general.  I think my phrase for this year should be “Let It Go“.

Can’t get the kids bundled up and outside?  Let it go.

House is a mess?  Let it go.

Frozen pizza for dinner again?  Let it go.

You know what led me to this point?  I have three kids.  Three freaking kids.  Little knee-grabbers that need things from me almost constantly.  And trying to keep my house in order and keep my all-important systems in place is next to impossible some days.  So I can organize the mess out of that toy closet while they nap, just to see it all turned upside down within the next hour.  But- hello- that is what one does with a toy closet, if one is a 2 year old boy or 4 year old girl.  So I can get all pissy about it, or I can let it go.

I am married.  My husband and I are different people.  We do things differently.  I can get all pissy about it, or I can let it go.

Which option sounds better, 9 times out of 10?

(“Let it go” would have been a helpful thing to repeat to myself over and over, early in my marriage.  More later on why that’s the case.)

So let’s hear it for 2013- setting goals, and letting things go.


12 thoughts on “Declaring the January Goal

  1. Funny…that’s what I just said about getting the house in some sort of perfect order before Tuesday, so when I come back from my ‘vacay’ I wont feel stressed about it. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. I decided to let it go. And, I think I can hear you laughing at my attempt to obtain order over here at 911.

  2. tomorrow i will sing you the ‘let it go’ song that abel learned at school. ‘let it goooo, let it goooo, life’s too short to hold a grudge and i want to be freeeeeee. if you don’t forgiiiiive, you’re the one that hurts the most, so just let it go.’ as good as it sounds.

  3. You know what they say about keeping your house clean with 3 kids..??…..Its like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.. ! ” SO, don’t worry, BE happy”..try singing that corny song. they won’t be little long, LOVE every minute, …teach them the ‘pick-up game’..the one who picks up the most toys, gets a prize…,then you get into fights, oh well..then,reward everyone (supper) Knowing what I know now, Katherine, and ,IF I could do a do-over, I would plop myself down in the middle of my kids and play with them MORE and let so much more go [like you said]. But, time is something you can’t take back. You are wise for your age and I enjoy hearing your situations and solutions…..You are Precious !

    • those are good words to read! i need the reminder to sit and play more. sometimes i need to get things in order for my own mental health- i can only live in squalor for so long. but sometimes it’s good to just shove it to the side and play instead.

  4. Yes! I love this goal! I might have to do this one month for my Monthly Challenge. Thanks for the inspiration (again!). I’ll have to wait until a spring or summer month to do it since I don’t get home from work until it’s dark right now, but getting outside more is a great goal. Love.

  5. Excellent philosophy! Wish I could really hear this more when my husband says let it go to me about a hundred times a week.

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