Room Time

Every afternoon my two boys have naptime and the Chicken has what we’ve dubbed “room time”.  She listens to cd’s, looks at books, and plays by herself for anywhere from 1-3 hours.  Sometimes she is fine with it, sometimes it’s a struggle.

Lately I’ve had to remind her of the circumstances that permit her to come out of her room during room time.

1.  You need to go potty.

2.  You are bleeding.

3.  You are in danger.

Today she came out, saying “My eyebrows hurt”.

Is that even a thing?

Get back in there, kid.  I still need my space.

7 thoughts on “Room Time

  1. Maybe she found some tweezers, tried to shape her brows, started bleeding, then realized she was in danger. Did you even consider that possibility?

  2. i’m sorry to say that you might be reaching the stage that i’m at: mommy’s room time. they can have the house but can’t come in my room. resist as long as you can!

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