Three Things

Here are three things I have done today, which have taken little effort but yielded great rewards:

1.  Cleaned the cluttery stuff that had gathered on my windowsill above the sink.  A business card, post-it note with a few outdated to-do’s, tube of Gorilla Glue, a hammer and a nail, and some change.  I put the things away that needed to go away, and trashed the rest.  Now I can look out unobstructed at the train going by and mountains outside of our kitchen window.  Much better.

Visual clutter interrupts my thinking.  Especially in areas where I hang out a lot- like the kitchen sink.  I am there, rinsing dishes, and thinking about, say, what I need to get in order before the kids get up.  But my mind has to trip over the little things I have resting on the windowsill, because they are all things I haven’t fully attended to yet.  It’s like a mini brain hiccup every time my eyes go over the hammer and nail, reminding me for a half second that I need to hang that measuring stick up in the pantry.

2.  Went outside with the kids for a little bit.  My husband cranked out 8 miles with a friend and I pushed the kids in the stroller.

3.  Put on Pandora to my Patty Griffin station.  (Not doing Spotify yet.  I’m like the myspace user in a facebook world).

We were housebound yesterday for the most part because our car was in the shop.  I drove it there with the boys, then we walked home.  Later in the day I walked with all three of the kids to pick it up.  It was rainy outside and gray, but it still felt better to be walking outside than cooped up in our house.

Make no mistake- I’m a homebody.  I can hang indoors for quite a while.  But we had too many days indoors this week, looking at the same things over and over.  Getting outside, even in the drizzle, was good for all of us.  The kids found a few puddles to really justify wearing their rain boots, and the baby took it all in from the stroller.

4 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I’m with you on the visual clutter–and it seems I’m constantly battling the same kind of stuff pileup in our kitchen. It gathers on the windowsill, and also on a desktop.

    Also with you on being a homebody who has a hard time getting outside, especially in winter weather. But who always feels better when I just go do it.

    Hope you have a good week–

    • the desktop: our downstairs catch-all. our bedroom: the upstairs catch-all.

      i spent two hours cleaning our bedroom on sunday and it was a great feeling. get that stuff out!

  2. I haven’t been out of my pj’s since Wednesday 🙂 maybe this week I will venture across Anderson street to say hello!

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