Looking Ahead

We’re halfway into January now and the goal to get outside every day has been a good one.  We’ve had bizarro warm weather days, and (recently) lots of raining gloomy days.  But no matter the weather, it has felt good to get outside every single time I’ve made the effort.  (And some days it takes a lot of effort).

Yesterday was one of the drizzly days.  I took the kids outside to find puddles.  I mean- doesn’t that sound like a “good mom” thing to do?  I’m pretty much killing it.

We found oil on pavement which looked like rainbows.  We found moss on the side of a wall.  We found a Christmas wreath and several Christmas trees, waiting for the city pickup.  We found our neighbors, who joined us on our walk.  We did not find any good puddles.


I have thought a lot about my goal for February.  I’m leaning strongly toward a unitasking month.  Do one thing at a time, and steer away from multitasking.  Here’s what that means, using a few examples from yesterday and today:

  • Driving means driving, and talking to whoever is in the car.  Driving does not include phone calls or checking texts at a stoplight.
  • Put all the dirty laundry in the washing machine and start it.  Even if I hear the microwave signal, telling me the kids’ oatmeal is warmed up.  Ignore the beep and finish loading the laundry.
  • Cooking means cooking.  Not pulling up a show on Hulu to half-watch while I cook.  Just cooking.  Maybe some music in the background.
  • Leaving my laptop upstairs while my kids are awake, and keeping email/fb/blog time for when they are napping or having room time.  Less “uh-huh” and “just a minute” and more, you know, actual engaging.

I feel frazzled lately.  Like I have a lot to do but don’t know what those “to do” things are.  So I catch myself shuffling things from room to room, starting little projects and then leaving them, and adding to that feeling of “I should be doing something right now, but I don’t know what it is”.  Doing one thing at a time, to completion, feels necessary for my fragmented mind.

For example, I just hopped over to my email to respond to someone.  In February that would not be allowed.  Write the post until it’s finished, or finished enough to save a draft.  Close it out, and then respond to the email.

I like this goal so much, I think I’ll start it before February rolls around.


14 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. I like this goal too! I have a lot going on too right now so I need to compartmentalize and focus on one thing at a time! Katie Parr Kelley

  2. By George…I think she’s GOT it !! 🙂 Smart girl ! AND, I think multitasking is overrated.

    • haha- yes, i am getting it! multitasking for me means a lot of little things left unfinished, me feeling tired, and not much to show for it. (at least, that’s what it looks like lately).

  3. Awesome idea MK! You completely me… I mean amaze me! Really..! You are quite productive, more than you think! I just might tackle some of these ideas now myself. Fur example, the ole checking my phone at stoplights… Yeah needs to stop!

  4. I think unitasking sounds awesome. I’m good in some areas of my life (chores) but horrible in others (working on my computer). I can’t imagine life with only one tab at the top of my screen. MIght have to think about joining you. Would be a little scared/anxious about doing that–which means it’s probably just what I need to do.

  5. After reading your post yesterday, I caught myself doing just what you described several times last night! I didn’t even realize I did it that much. Putting laundry in the washer, notice big drip down the side of the trash can, stop loading laundry, go get rag to wipe up drip, forget what I was doing and go fix kids lunches for the next day, finally remember half an hour later that the clothes never even got started. I caught myself at dinner having an all out internal BATTLE to not check my phone as I heard my text message tone ding. “Just finish your dinner, and don’t check the phone, just like Katherine said, focus on just this” “But what if it is something cool and important..just check it real quick”…. ugh. I am in, I need to do this too. Thanks for making me realize it was something I was even doing! (Does that even make sense…)

    • hahaha- sounds like a typical day around here too… i can’t tell you how many times the washer has sat, full of water, all day because i forget to actually put the clothes in. or i put them half in but get distracted… ah yes. sounds about right.

  6. I LOVE this idea! I am becoming increasingly more ADD as I get older. I just read of the paramount need to look our children in the eyes when they speak to us rather than simply doing whatever we’re in the midst of and saying “uh-hem”. I am seeking to stop my task, get down on their level and look them in the eye… my first move toward NON-multi-tasking.

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