How “Let It Go” is Going

I decided that my theme for 2013 is “Let it Go”.  I am guessing my theme for 2014 will need to be something like “Tighten Up”, after letting everything go to shambles for a year.  But I’ll worry about that next year.

For now, I am enjoying the freedom.

I’m letting go of things like putting every single toy away at the end of the night.  And couponing.  And letting my daughter dress herself, even though it means she looks like a weirdo.  (Not in a cute way, with lots of layers and endearing patterns that complement each other.  Just plain weird and unkempt).

I’m letting go of letting my son wear his Thomas shirt (the one I dislike, but he loves) three days in a row.  And I’m ignoring it when my husband puts his towel over the curtain rod, instead of over the towel bar.  And I’m letting go of responding to emails rightthissecond.  And only running the dishwasher when it is totally full.  (I know that conserves water to run a full dishwasher, but I haaaaate waking up to a half-full dishwasher.  I fill it up by mid-morning, then have dishes everywhere until I run it again.  Also, if I run it at night then my husband empties it before he leaves for work.  So- I run it, even if it is not full.  I am WIIIIIILD!!!!!).

Letting it go.

I am also letting go of getting outside when it is bitter cold.  The kids and I walked to the playground on Monday and- not kidding- all three families that were there left within 10 minutes of our arrival.  Either we have B.O. (possible.  Entirely possible) or it is too cold to be hanging around outside for very long.  We toughed it out for another hour and then came home.  Since Monday the temperature has dropped from “cold” to “bitter” so we’re staying inside.

I’m curious.  What would “let it go” mean for you?  Am I the only one who has to semi-force herself to run the dishwasher when it is not totally full?  It goes against my grain.

14 thoughts on “How “Let It Go” is Going

  1. Letting it go for me would mean:
    *getting out of the house alone and not worrying that my family, my home, and the entire universe will fall apart without me.
    *letting the kids eat hot dogs for lunch every day.
    *allowing Sam to wear his old (and way too small) shoes because he still prefers them and can put them on himself.

    I have a feeling I’ll think of more.

      • This morning, the husband took Noah to school for me. It’s supposed to be 38* today, so I reminded him to grab his jacket out of the van before they left. He forgot. It really pisses me off that he forgot. More than it should. I would never forget his jacket, especially if it’s freaking cold outside.
        I’m going to let it go and not rub his nose around in his mistake for the rest of the day. He’s human. And I suppose I am too.

  2. let it go for me would mean: stop making the kids clean their rooms, stop telling the kids to stop fighting, stop insisting the kids wear coats in this bitter cold, stop worrying that they haven’t eaten vegetables in five days, stop thinking i’ll get arrested if i stop all of this.

  3. I think, perhaps, the whole secret to and meaning of life is knowing what to let go and what to keep tight.

    I’m tightening up on food: We’re making meal plans every week (dammit!) and a shopping list and part of me hates it but part of me see how much easier so many things are when we keep tight to this.

    But: I’m loose on Tuesday dinners. My daughter has robotics until 5:00 and has to be at her library volunteer gig at 6:00 and they are a half-hour apart from each other and I’ve just realized that we’re not going to have real dinner on those nights. In fact, I’m often going to feed one or both of my children at McDonald’s that night, because that’s across the parking lot from the library.

    I’m also loose on my kids’ bedrooms. I just close the door. (Notice that you never see them on the blog? Yeah, there’s a reason for that. 🙂

    I’m loose on filing paperwork. I throw things into a general drawer that I sort through once or twice a year. I know I have the important stuff if I need it and I know where to look for it. I’ll just have to do some digging if I need it.

    There are many more. I’m getting better at it.

    • that’s a good way to frame it: what we let go and what we keep tight.

      mcdonalds on tuesdays sounds like a very logical choice. and probably one your daughter looks forwards to! win/win.

  4. Letting it go for me:
    -Stop fussing at my 14 year old step daughter to not wear so much perfume that I feel like I just walked into a dance club bathroom every morning, clearly she doesn’t take my hints and likes smelling that strong, let it go.
    -Stop caring if the kitchen floor ALWAYs looks dirty- because we live in the country, and have chickens and dogs, and everytime someone goes outside, even just for the mail, they track sand and hay back in. Let it go, stop sweeping the floor 3 times a day (I really have done it upwards of 5 or 6 before, I have to stop)
    -Let the little one take his yellow balloon everywhere we go, even though it drifts up and touches my hair while driving, and gets in my way. It makes him so happy.
    -Stop feeling like- if I am not at home things don’t “happen the way they should.” Sure, dinner is at 8pm, and kids are still up and unbathed when I arrive home at 9, and the house is a wreck. But that is my husband’s way of doing it, and he is human, and a good fun dad. No one died, and everyone gets bathed and put to bed shortly after I get home. It is fine. Let it go, just becaue it is not done with military precision time as I do , doesn’t mean it isnt “right.”

    Geez, as a control freak, letting go it HARD.

  5. – Not exercising (for, like, three years)
    – Getting takeout for dinner
    – Full fat, full sugar lattes
    – Letting the kids fight it out ( I have this on video. Will definitely be doing it more often! Everyone survives…)

    • You are so right. So many times I beat myself up over not working out, or getting the full fat, full sugar whatever…and then I realize, is it more important to be happy and enjoy life, or be a size 2?…..pretty sure no one wants their eulogy to mention “man she was no fun, but damn she was skinny” Amen to just living, and enjoying.

  6. Hi! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile; found you through Anna Kate. Letting go for me this week was forgetting our no screen time rule for my 14 month-old daughter, because I needed to watch Downton Abbey to get through the day.

    She’s our first child, so I’m in a phase of really wanting to establish good habits (and training my husband, ha), so that we don’t have to back track later. My ideal marriage and parenting counselor would just let me know which things to fight over and which to let go.

    • if you ever come up with that list of what to fight over and what to let go, please share it with me. i’ll pay big bucks. 🙂

      thanks for reading my blog! i like hearing that it is enjoyed!

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