We’ve Been Hit

The pukes came and hung out at our house earlier this week.  They’ve since moved on.

There were moments I thought the virus might have bested us, like Monday night when my husband was the last man standing and the little Monkey didn’t know how to give any notice that the pukes were overtaking him again.

But we prevailed.  We prevailed.

70 degrees in January

70 degrees in January

Two things I learned:

1.  Minimalism in the area of towel acquisition is nice and perfectly lovely almost every day of the year.  Look!  Only what I need, and nothing more!  One towel for everyone, and two for our guests.  How simple and easy. 

Except the day when everyone is sick.  Lots of throwing up.  Lots of messes.  Lots of baths.  Not a lot of spare towels.

Which brings me to number 2.

2.  Neighbors who are willing to lend you their towels, knowing that these towels are lent purely because puke is involved, are awesome neighbors.

We have awesome neighbors.

Pukes, you gave it your best shot, but we bested you.



4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Hit

  1. I remember a particularly nasty episode when my twins were about 18 months old and their dad and I both got hit with something that flat-out immobilized us. The only thing that saved us was that it hit us about 8 hours apart. When I was literally on the floor and couldn’t move, he was still functioning. By the time he couldn’t, I’d emerged enough to take over. Babies were fine. It was a HARD 24 hours.

    Glad you’re all OK and that you have awesome neighbors. 🙂

    • yes! that’s what happened to us. when i was down, my husband was okay. the next day it switched.

      then i got sick again a few days later. weird. and terrible. but we’re all in the clear now.

  2. Katherine, I feel your pain. We got hit over Christmas at my in-laws in Atlanta, so it was their towels we destroyed. The festivities had to be moved elsewhere and we were quarantined to a room. Pretty miserable. Glad you survived and made it through!

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