Onward and Upward

sicky sickertons

We have slowly emerged from our sick/survival mode state into real life mode again.  We had two different viruses come through last week and I will not sugarcoat it for you:

It did get ugly here.

The virus has moved on, leaving a nice smattering of cold sores on my lips.  Sicko.  I have gotten these since I was a kid, when I get run down, stressed, or sick.  Can’t say I’ve ever had more than one at a time, though.  Why get one virus when you can get two?  Why get one cold sore, when three are available?

I am a walking virus souvenir.  Hug me, please.

But- onward and upward people!  It’s February!  And with it- a new goal, for a new month.

Here officially begins the month of unitasking.  Do one thing at a time.  Or “Finish What You Start” month.  Whatever form it takes.

I don’t feel as frazzled and all over the place at home as I did a few weeks ago, and I think part of that is due to focusing on one thing at a time more often.  Three examples:

  • We finish breakfast and put those dishes away before getting lunch stuff out.  We have very little counter space for making meals and this makes a big difference in how crowded everything is.  Crowded in my house makes me feel crazy.
  • If my goal is to clean my bedroom (like yesterday), don’t get sidetracked doing a little pickup in the kids’ room when I am in there putting things back that they’ve brought into my room.  No!  Resist!  Get back to my bedroom and clean it and be done.  Then, and only then, go pickup the kids’ room if I’m still so inclined.  (I wasn’t).   When I jump around and half-pick up everything then nothing looks different and I’ve been working but have nothing to show for it.  It was much MUCH nicer to have a fully cleaned bedroom yesterday than three halfway picked up rooms.
  • Telling my kids to wait until I finish an email before I do X for them.  Finish the email, then do X.

Unitasking dictates that I finish this now before I start making dinner.

Aaaaand scene.

4 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. I am looking forward to the unitasking you inspired in me, and can’t wait to hear about yours. We, too, had “the pukes” in our house this past week, and our 5 year old autistic little man couldn’t tell us when it was coming either. Like you, I found my damn minimalist house to be absolutley no help in a situation like this. We actually started lining the floors with all of our throw blankets, and when the projectile business landed, we would scoop that blanket up into the wash and bring out a fresh one from the dryer. I think our poor blankets got washed about 10 times each. Ugh. I thought of you in the midst of it and thought…dang should’ve stocked up on neighbor towels. 🙂

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