Didn’t See This Coming

My husband ran a 50K on Saturday.  That’s about 32 miles.  He ran for over 6 hours.

This time about two years ago, he was running 2-3 miles at a time, with the occasional long run of maybe 5 to 7 miles.  He ran with a friend from church a few times during the work week, then would run a trail with some other friends on the weekends.  Then he did the Tough Mudder in October of 2011 and finished with some stamina to spare.  From there he decided to do the Promise Land 50K last spring.  That’s about 34 miles, with elevation changes of about 7,000 feet.

I am officially married to a crazy person.

His sister and I ditched our kids with his parents and went down to cheer him on.  We saw him at the halfway point, looking strong and totally unaffected by 16 miles of running.


Then we saw him again at 29 miles.  I asked him how he felt and he said “crampy and a little dizzy”.  I had never heard him talk about feeling dizzy before, so I was a little concerned.  My concerned  heightened when we cheered him on through the finish line, 3 miles later, and saw him just keep running.

This is where he ended up:


He said it felt good to sit in the lake.  In February.

These ultrarunners are crazy.


9 thoughts on “Didn’t See This Coming

  1. Logan and I are still amazed he did that. I mean who can run for 6 hours? Your hubs! Unbelievable. Tell him congrats!

  2. kkb.
    have enjoyed the updates.
    glad you and crew are doing well. tell russ hey for me.

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