Do It Yo’ Self, and Other Things

Buzz got called in for a line-up

Buzz got called in for a line-up

1.  I have a “do it yo’ self” movement going on here at home.  My friend Philip coined that term and it fits.

I mentioned once that the kids’ dresser drawers are too heavy for them to use, which meant that all clothing-related happenings required my direct involvement.  Putting away clean laundry, getting clothes out in the morning, finding pj’s, and putting away clothes in the evening.  I had to do all of that because of the dang dresser.

(“No no kids- you go play!  There is nothing I’d prefer more than to deal with your clothing for the 7 millionth time.  Maybe in five years you can handle this dresser on your own.  Until then- I’m so happy to do this for you again and again and again…”.)

I got tired of my own maid/martyr feelings (all of those heavy sighs and feeling so put-upon is exhausting) so I moved the  dresser out.  Once I realized how many total years I would spend solely in charge of their clothing because of this dresser, it just seemed ridiculous.  I’m coming up on year five already.  Out with the useless dresser!

Now their clothes are in baskets on the floor, which slide under Chicken’s bed.  Just like that- I eliminated a couple of hours of work from my week.  And taught them to take more ownership of their stuff.  Win/win.

(They are also sorting their own laundry.  And folding towels and sheets for me.  And getting their own cups of water when they’re thirsty.  Do it yo’ self!)

Are there other areas of home life that I could teach my kids to own more?  This clothing basket thing is a game-changer. 

2.  Unitasking is going very well for me in the mornings, and only so-so for the rest of the day.  Mornings are when I start multiple things in a small window of time.  Snack for Chicken to take to school, breakfast for the kids, coffee or tea for me, and (a few times a week) a load of laundry.  Also wrangle children, get them dressed, change a diaper, and feed the baby.  Unitasking means I do one of these things at a time and I feel less crazy.  I am still busy, but I am not doing as much of that thing where I get to the middle of a room and forget what I hurried in there to do.  Or look down and see I’m carrying three different things for three different tasks I’m simultaneously starting.

One thing at a time.

The afternoons are when things are more spread out and I’m mostly continuing on with things that started rolling in the first part of the day.  I think the often-frenzied pace of the morning necessitates unitasking more than the afternoon.  That being said, when I feel snippy with the kids and harried, it always helps to slow down and get back to doing one thing fully before starting another.

3.  Many people (three, at least) have asked if I actually call my children “Chicken” and “Monkey” in real life.  The answer is yes and no.  We have called our oldest “Chicken” since she was a baby.  Something about “Chicken Little” when she was so tiny, and now I call her “Chicken” maybe 75% of the time.

Monkey- nope.  Not really.  That’s more of a blog-privacy name.  Monkey calls Chicken “Sister”, which I believe is a southern thing and which I find very cute.  And the kids call their dad “Papa”.  My friend Carolyn commented that it is all very Berenstain Bears’ish

I do not have a blog name for the baby yet.  Again, countless (maybe five) people have inquired.

4.  All of these answers really make me think it’s time to come up with a Ye Old College Try email address so I can deal with this flood of inquiries.  Omg, then I could have a FAQ page on this blog and I’ve always wanted to have enough questions to warrant that.  It makes me feel important when people ask me questions.



9 thoughts on “Do It Yo’ Self, and Other Things

  1. Alright, we have the SAME issue with the dresser over here.
    But I simply don’t trust my daughter to not ransack the place every single day if I just had clothes in baskets.

    So…what do I do? You tell me what to do.

    • ours are heavy enough (with the clothes in them) that they don’t slide out from under the bed that easily. i doubt your little one could muscle them out. so maybe that would work for you.

      or maybe you could do bins with lids that A couldn’t figure out yet, but the boys could?

      now that this system works for us, i want it to work for everyone. it’s that nice.

  2. I so wish I’d started my children on paths to independence when they were younger. You are so smart to capture that desire while it’s red-hot. Teenagers would much prefer that I keep doing all their clothes chores for them…

    • i’m guessing we’ll cycle in and out of this independence in many ways in the coming years. sometimes it’s just so much easier to do it for them than anything else. but i’m glad for this little victories:)

    • Oh teenagers, there is no winning, even if it isn’t thier OWN clothes, they won’t put them in the correct place. I let the 14 year old put her clothes wherever she wants…don’t care…you are the one who has to look like a rag-a -muffin in cut throat 9th grade, not me. But I have HUGE labels on the 7 year old’s THREE drawers (Shirts, Pants, Undies/Socks/Jammies) When I ask the 14 year old to put her sister’s clothes away…they all get shoved in the top drawer…no matter what! Little 7 year old just comes along behind her and fixes it…..hhhhhh.

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