(Another) Year in Review

Barreling into 2013 with great confidence!

Barreling into 2013 with great confidence!

Well, seeing as how it’s March and all, it seems fitting to look back at 2012 on Ye Old College Try.  (Here is the review of 2011).

I did not do monthly goals in 2012.   So settle in for some light reading about anything and everything.

Most viewed post:  This one, about baby gear and how to avoid buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  This is my most pinned post, which makes me feel very important and special.  I mean, people think I know what I’m talking about enough to pin something that I write.  Nevermind that people out there pin hundreds of things that they never look at twice.  Totally irrelevant.  I have been pinned and am practically famous.

Runner-up most viewed postThis one, in which I write about my mom.  My sister and my brother shared in on facebook and it was great to hear from friends who knew my mom and had memories of her.  Also great to hear from friends who never knew her, but got a little more of an idea from my writing.

I miss my mom.  She was truly one of a kind.

Most shared in one day:  This post, about losing our house when I was younger, and the community that took care of us.  This was another post that brought people out of the woodwork.  I tagged a few friends from childhood on facebook and they chimed in with their memories.  The stories are incredible.

A few friends shared it on their facebook walls and it got a lot of attention that day.  That is simultaneously awesome and scary for me, the writer.  But mostly awesome.  I like it when people like what I write enough to share it.

Most commented:  The one about my mom.  (Here is the follow-up to that one).

Runner-up most commented post:  This one, with some advice for a new mom.  There’s some good advice in the comments.  Moms are smart people.

Wordiest post:  This one, about cloth diapers.  Who knew I could write so much about diapers?  I actually had to cut myself off, truth be told.

I wrote a lot about life as a mom:

When I yell at my kids and broadcast it on the street via the baby monitor.

When my husband didn’t do bedtime like he CLEARLY should have.

When my kids say weird things. 

When I was disappointed, and then felt guilty about it, but got over it.

I wrote about difficult situations I found myself in:

Like this one.

And this.

And, finally, I wrote about:


Bailing on shampoo, and cleaning my face with oil.

42 Days to Fit Challenge

Typical goings-on in my life.


Let’s hear it for another year of Ye Old College Try.  A blog about nothing and everything.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why you’re still reading.  Yet here you are.



7 thoughts on “(Another) Year in Review

  1. my favorite was definitely when you broadcast screaming at your kids on the baby monitor. i have probably told that story like 10 times. LOL 🙂

  2. When I grow up I wanna be you. Just saying. You are one of the greatest ladies I know.

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