March Goal- Tackle the Dreaded Project

We’re on day 8 of my March goal and it seems time to write about it.

I read Happier at Home a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

Of course I did- the author writes about trying to increase her happiness by implementing goals for herself.  Sound familiar?  This was the second book of this kind, the first being The Happiness Project.  I loved both of them.

One thing that Rubin did to increase her happiness at home was tackle a project she disliked in small increments.  As soon as she pitched that idea, I thought “Oh.  I totally know what my horrible, dreaded project is.  PICTURES.  Stupid, massive amounts of pictures.”

Then she went on to describe her own dreaded project- pictures.  Imagine that.  She had all of these pictures on her laptop that have never been printed out, organized in pretty scrapbooks, or…anything.  Pretty much like iPhoto on my own laptop.  I back it up every 6 weeks or so, but it is a jumble of pictures and memories.

When I saw that our horrible, disliked, put-off-for-a-long-time projects were the same, I knew it was meant to be.

(And look– back in September, I wrote out a to-do list.  Look at numbers 10-13!  Deal with the stupid pictures!)

So that’s what’s up this month.  15 minutes a day, devoted to doing something with all of my pictures.  I’m pulling them off gmail and dumping them in iPhoto, deleting and putting them in albums in iPhoto, then herding them onto Shutterfly.  The goal is to create two photobooks- one for 2011 and one for 2012.

Will anyone else tell me their dreaded project?  I knew- KNEW- as soon as I started reading this part of her book that dealing with my pictures is mine.  What is yours?

13 thoughts on “March Goal- Tackle the Dreaded Project

  1. hanging things on my walls. i know as soon as this is finished we will move. and recovering chair cushions. which i know will be spilled on as soon as i do them. but i’m going to risk it. live in the now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think mine will be my “Monica’s Closet” (are you familiar with the term?- Scene in Friends where OCD clean Monica is discovered to have a closet that is bursting and toppling out with things- her dirty little secret) My Monica’s closet is the baking “tub” I have under my cabinets. In my otherwise orderly kitchen I have the gigantic bin/tub that I somehow decided was a good idea to store all my baking needs, randomly, and thrown in there. It doesn’t really fit in the cabinet well, and I have to shove ten things out of the way to get to it. Things are crushed in there, and half open…. I think there might be baking soda in there from the Clinton administration. I get mad everytime I try to bake something and have to lug this tub out that I could fit my 5 year old in. I think I will tackle that.

    • i haven’t but now i totally will! the beauty of 15 minute increments is that my time tomorrow could be devoted to reading that blog post and then applying one little thing. then i’m done for the day. so much less daunting that trying to knock it all out at once.

  3. The instant I started reading this, I thought about pictures too!!!! It was one of my goals for this sabbatical year . . . We made shutterfly albums for the grandparents for Christmas and I was hoping to then do it for our family. I have not done anything since Christmas. 15 minutes a day. Hmmmmmm. That’s a good idea.

  4. That damn bedroom that always ends up being a dumping ground. We close the door and literally lose an ENTIRE BEDROOM to uselessness. It’s always a “work in progress” (remember my “mom space” idea? ha.) which we never actually work on.
    Kill me now.

    • my theory is that you’re not sick enough of it. (or “sick of it enough”?). i’m sick of these stupid pictures hanging over me, and i have the fear of losing them all in a hard drive crash or something. i just want to be done with them! so maybe you don’t need the space badly enough to get it done? just a thought.

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