Where Does the Time Go?

Should this one go in?

Should this one go in?

Or this one?

Or this one?

That’s a good question for this blog (12 days without posting!) and for putting pictures in an album (March goal!).

I hit a wall with the pictures a few days ago.  I was going in circles, knowing I didn’t need perfection but also not knowing how to organize the pictures in any way.  Do I want to fit as many pictures in as possible?  Or just do a few on each page, of the excellent pictures that make us all look cute and perfect?

I appealed to facebook for some help, and here are some responses I got:

  • just put them all in. the kids won’t care twenty years from now if they’re in order. promise. i love just having a shoebox full of photos of my childhood to dig through.
  • I was steadily doing one a year til I switched computers/lost photos/got photos back/had a baby and better things to do. Then I went by clothes/bangs v no bangs/ etc to put in rough chrono order and everyone was happy.
  • This stresses me out too and last year I started trying to do the yearly book thing. I’ve also used shutterfly 8×8 b/c I usually have a coupon for one of those. And I’ll just go month by month and throw all of January’s pics on a couple pages and so on and so on. If they get any captions, then that’s just an added bonus, but I try not to put that pressure on myself. Good luck, friend.  
  • Just do it in chronological order and call it quits. Any single photo album you do will be 10x more and better than any photo album that exists of my childhood and I turned out ok.

And the one I drew on a lot:

  • definitely more important to do it and have it finished than to make the perfect decision about every picture to put in and how to arrange them. keep the design simple and clean. get a general idea of what events/order you want to book to go in and how many pages are allotted for each thing. give yourself a time limit on every spread then don’t look back. once a spread is done, move on. if you end up featuring one kid in a spread, that’s great. feature the next kid in the next spread. keep yourself to this and you know you’ll be finished in x amount of time which is always helpful i think to know how much time you have left. the trick is keeping yourself to it and the motto for that is ‘if i don’t stick to the time limit i will never have this album which is important to me and my family’. best of luck to you! you can do it!!!

That last bit was from my friend Nicole, who spoke my language with all of her “simple and clean” and “once a spread is done, move on” talk.

The bottom line: just get it done.

Coming soon: words of wisdom from my friend/guess blogger Keely!


3 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Definitely the second pic should go in! 🙂 Don’t you love a definitive answer to a rhetorical question??? Take Care, Susie

    ps. we will be out of town this Sun. – Sat. before Easter. We will be home Easter- on. Let us know what you decide.


  2. Well, you’re ahead of me. Great advice here. I think what I need to do is just start. Not worry about all the ones from the past I need to do. I know if I don’t do something, some fatal computer error of some sort will eat them all. I need some paper backup.

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