It’s Happening!

Remember how I wanted to take care of all of my pictures before my computer crashed or lit on fire spontaneously?  And remember a long long time ago (maybe two years ago) when my laptop screen started going black when I opened it more than a 45 degree angle?  And can you imagine how annoying it is when your laptop is realllly slooooow for no reason, and you get that twirly rainbow circle incessantly and just have to wait…and wait…and force quit…and wait some more?

All of those things are happening, all at once.  The pictures are not finished (boo!) and my laptop screen is going black when I open it, and firefox freezes up all the time.  Force quit.  Force quit.  Force quit.

It is the end of days for this MacBook, I’m afraid.

Also explains why I haven’t blogged in a while, even to follow up with that guest post from my friend Keely.  Blogging while your laptop is only open at a 45 degree angle is the pits.


One thought on “It’s Happening!

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