Spring Cleaning!

Or, alternate title, “Get This Crap Out of My House!”.

from the birthday weekend  at my dad's house

from the Monkey’s birthday weekend at my dad’s house

With my laptop dying a slow death, I have been quiet on the blog front.  I have cracked the defective Mac open to ask facebook if I should get an ipad as a replacement (feedback: only if you get a separate keyboard; also that I should consider a Chromebook.  Ack!  Indecision!).

I’m on my husband’s laptop to update on my April goal.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  This goal kicked off Ye Old College Try back in January 2011.  I still get warm fuzzies when I think back on that month.

It’s time to bring back the 5-things challenge.  Every day this month I’ll get rid of 5 things.  

Back in 2011, I was motivated by the post-Christmas bloat.  That feeling of too much stuff- toys, clothes, books, whatever.  This time it is the spring cleaning bug.  My friend Jess posted on facebook that she just gathered 6 bags of stuff to donate.  Shooooot.  I have 6 bags’ worth of stuff under my kitchen sink alone.

Game on!  Let’s begin:

1.  Library books.  Get them out of here.  Some other kid is going to hit the Thomas the Tank Engine jackpot when we return the 12 different titles we have been hoarding and renewing here at home.  Also Al Roker’s autobiography.  I read the first chapter and felt embarrassed because it was so bad.  (This from the person who read the entire Kris Jenner book .  Not kidding.  And I know that, in admitting that, at least three out of my four blog total subscribers just unsubscribed).

2.  Orange balloons.  The Thomas the Tank balloon that Monkey got for his birthday last week is still going strong.  The orange balloons that surrounded it- not so much.  They putter around on the floor, catching a draft every once in a while when the heat kicks on.  They also serve as The Most Enticing Thing Imaginable to a certain crawling baby in this house.

It’s hard to say which was more adrenaline spiking to walk in on- the baby chewing on a balloon (surely we can find him a teether that is less likely to get caught in his windpipe, right?), or the long strings attached to the balloons that he liked to tangle with.  Kind of a lose-lose baby toy.  Time to cut the surviving Thomas balloon free to be enjoyed solo.  Dying orange balloons/death toys are trashed.

3.  Winter clothes.  Get them in a bin and stored away for at least 9 more months.

4.  Extra sippy cups.  I have two children that use these.  So why did I have six of them on my kitchen counter tonight?  Because when you have extras then you don’t look for the one that you had this morning- you just get another one from the pantry.  No more!  Get them out of here!

5.  Spare Avent bottle.  It needs some additional plastic ring on it or else it leaks.  We don’t have the ring.  Yes, we continue to try to use the bottle anyway.  We can be very  Proverbs 26:11 like that sometimes.  But no more!

I have a boxspring and a bed frame propped up in my upstairs hallway.  I don’t even notice them anymore.  A BOXSPRING people.  Ridiculous.  I’m getting rid of it this month.

Please- someone chime in and tell me what large item they’ve been sidestepping for way too long now.  That will make me feel better.  Or someone else confess to reading crap books.

Or tell me what I should get, now that my MacBook is about to kick it.



16 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning!

  1. ski pants and a pile of Christmas-themed books in the hallway. SLED in the driveway. 3 empty cardboard package-size boxes IN THE KITCHEN, in case i need to mail a package this year. an unopened Christmas present (new smoothie-blender. seriously. since Christmas) on the kitchen floor. really, you should do a post on how Christmas lasts all year round, in a bad way. also, a trash bag of old documents that need shredding (i’m wondering if we should just start pouring bacon grease in the bag since we don’t own a shredder) in our bedroom. too depressed to continue here… 🙂

  2. I confess that I’ve been wondering what the box spring in your hallway was for. Dangling preposition.

  3. a froggie humidifier in the hallway that I tried to put in Jude’s room when he was sick a couple months ago…Jude was freaked out by his glowing red light, so he got booted into the hallway where he has sat (for months). I say get another macbook.

    • i like the strong vote for the macbook. this little guy has been (fairly) good to me for almost 6 years now.

      i thought of you when i put our humidifier in the attic today.

  4. I read – and loved – Victoria Beckham’s biography. It was written after her failed solo career and first child, but before she became high fashion.

  5. It finally made it’s way to the garage, but we have had a matress in there for like 6 months…once in the garage, our dog chewed it’s corner and pulled the stuffing out, and then peed on it, and then sort of half pulled it over from it’s standing position, and sleeps on it half propped up on a pile of boxes…..I have seen nicer mattresses under bridges….and the garage is sometimes the entrance people use to go out into our back yard area where we entertain. “oh yes, hang a left at the dirty, pee covered mattress….help yourself to the veggie tray!” …oh….the shame….

  6. You need a MacBook Air. Maybe one if the little 13″ ones? I wouldn’t go cold turkey to iPad.

    My two cents.

  7. I’m not the most…um, educated person for this particular topic, and first I will reveal my bias: I own a MacBookPro. Bought it for grad school. I’m totally lame and haven’t updated anything on it. Anyway, now that I’m not in school anymore, about 85% of the time I think I could do with a smart phone (not that I own one) what I do with (such an oh-so-expensive) it. If I had it to do over, I’d be tempted to do a MacBook Air (but no CD drive, if that ever matters), but seriously, what could you do with it that you couldn’t do with a ChromeBook? Save your money. Then, you can upgrade in 3 years and have all the fancy new stuff and still save money. I love the idea of the iPad, but I feel like it’s more of a toy than a work horse (for blogging, doing taxes, saving important documents, writing papers, designing courses, etc.).

    • “more of a toy than a work horse”

      good thoughts. i don’t even know how to use most of the fun aspects of having a mac, which begs the question- why pay more for one? i really do just use the basics. huh.

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