All This Could Be Yours


A sampling of things that have left my house over the past few days:

1.  A cheap-o little rug that I had in front of the kitchen sink.  It was old as the hills, an ugly shade of green, and served no purpose.  I don’t remember why I put it there, but I’m glad it’s gone.

2.  Clothes that I like on Chicken, but she does not.  I go through this battle with her every once in a while, then re-realize that I don’t care how she dresses enough to keep pushing clothes on her that she doesn’t like.  I pick different battles.  And she dresses herself pretty weird.  We call it “fancy”.



3.  Toys that are no longer played with.  Monkey got some pretty awesome new trains and train sets for his birthday.  Kid could play with Thomas all day, every day.  (When he’s not making dirt cakes outside, that is).  I love seeing the kids enjoy the heck out of their new toys.  And it makes me itchy to get rid of some old ones.  Out with a few books and some stuffed animals.

4.  AN EMBARRASSING AMOUNT OF THINGS THAT I HAVE BORROWED FROM OTHER PEOPLE, OR THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT AT MY HOUSE.  All caps because the quantity is startling.  A bag of clothes, a book, dishes, and dvds, to name a few.  I have a “return to others” pile in the corner of my bedroom that is almost empty.  Shockingly, the room looks so much nicer without a pile of things there.  Who knew?

5.  Old, used checkbooks.  I don’t know why I save these, when we can see all of our checks online anytime.

Happy Friday!  My husband is running 6 miles tomorrow and 28 on Sunday- up and down a mountain, twice!  Wheee!  I know no one else can compete with that.  So what subpar, lazy things are you doing?


6 thoughts on “All This Could Be Yours

  1. I think of you often when I want to throw out every single toy my children have except for the magna-tiles (such an awesome suggestion you had!) and a handful of other things they play with sporadically. But the three huge baskets of random things, none of which actually constitute a ‘set’ of anything…. grrrrr.

    • someone somewhere introduced the idea of having depth to a few toys, rather than a ton of different toys. i’m totally into that- bring on the train tracks and magna-tiles, and ditch all the masses of other stuff.

      i say that, but we also still have masses of other stuff.

  2. Did you shred your old checks? That’s why I have all my old ones. I don’t want to toss them with my bank info in the trash. Maybe I need to have a little bonfire.

    I’m running a 10K this weekend in a flat city. My pace is so slow they that put me in the “jogger/walker” wave. Kind of rude, but at least it’s honest.

    • of COURSE i shred them. don’t even think about going through my trash and trying to retrieve intact checkbooks with my info on them.

      maybe i’ll try the “pour bacon grease on them” method. someone else mentioned that one too.

      i usually send stuff like that with the hubs, to shred at work. (in all seriousness).

  3. For more than a week I have had on the bench in my living two things that need to go: An enamelware pot that I have to get rid of because someone burned mac ‘n cheese in it and the coating on the bottom is now flaking off; a bamboo bath mat. I am sad about the pot. It was groovy retro and I used it all the time and I’m trying (mostly failing) not to be mad at the person who ruined it. I need to get rid of it so I can get over it. I don’t know why I thought a bamboo bath mat was a good idea. It’s hard and doesn’t feel good on our feet. It looked good, though. Wish I could stop having to relearn that lesson.

    I don’t know what subpar lazy thing I’ll be doing, but after this week, subpar and lazy is what it’s going to be.

    • that is really good to know about the bamboo bath mat. they always look very spa’ish and tempting to me when i see them at the store.

      definitely get rid of the enamelware pot. it’s got to be bad feng shui or something like that; all that frustration in your living room.

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