A Freebie

Here’s a tip for you:

When you are getting rid of your daughter’s preschool artwork, make sure you bury it pretty deep in the trash can.  Or bag the trash up and take it out right away.

This will save you from some fairly difficult questions later.

You’re welcome!



6 thoughts on “A Freebie

  1. When my daughter 12, she was all about the Twilight books. I love my daughter, but I hate Twilight. She was also very much into going to a place where you paint ceramic objects. These two passions merged into the Twilight dinner plate, which we used quite regularly until we moved a year and a half ago.

    On my recent purge of our hall closet, I (rather reluctantly) put the plate in the donation pile. I have lots of other artifacts of her youth that I’m keeping. I am really trying to tame clutter, a constant battle. She happened to be with me and saw the plate go into the donation bin at Salvation Army.

    “Mom, how could you?!?”

    I asked if she wanted me to get it back. No, that would be embarrassing. We left. An hour later, I went back and luckily was able to get the plate back without having to buy it. The plate is back in the dinner plate rotation.

    Your tip is a wise one, even if your pre-schooler is a teen. 🙂

  2. Yeah, sadly, I must have learned the hard way just as you did. I think each of my kids has discovered their masterpieces in the gar-baj at one point or another. I now have gotten stealth at hiding them.:) Nonetheless, my littlest still asks when unable to find one of her precious pieces of art, “Did you throw it in the trash???”

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