5 More Things!

More things that have left my house:

1.  A Boon bath spout cover.  It is cute and has probably protected the kids’ head from a knock or two, but it also gets nasty quickly and sometimes the nast doesn’t come off, even when I run it through the dishwasher.

Somewhat like Keely’s philosophy, (“If you use it everyday, it gets to stay”), I’ve decided that mine is

Keep things for the rule, not the exception.

Yes, I could keep the spout cover for the occasional time my daughter bumps her head into the spout during bathtime, but that’s the exception.  The vast majority of the time, no one bumps into the spout.  So the prone-to-nastiness spout cover gets pitched.  I’ll deal with the occasional bump as I need to.

2.  Food items from my pantry.  I have a bag of jarred baby food and rice cereal that will go to the food bank.  The baby has decided he’d prefer to feed himself, thanksverymuch, and I’m done trying to entice him to eat pureed peas.  That baby food will get donated!  Now, if anyone wants the little cubes of baby food still in my freezer, just let me know.

3.  Toys!  Always more toys!

Chicken and I went through her dress-up clothes the other day and she pulled out a few things that she doesn’t like.  Mostly they’re “too itchy”.  To the Goodwill!  Monkey added a few trucks to the pile.  I tried to donate another Candyland set that we have but Chicken put her foot down.

(I hate that game.  You think you’re about to win and then you draw licorice land or whatever, and you’re back to the beginning again.  It’s like the “War” of board games.  Never ends.)

4.  Some of my winter clothes.  I am trading out my winter clothes for summer, and in the process ditched a couple of things that I haven’t worn all winter.  If a season has passed and I didn’t like something enough to wear it, I can live without it.

5.  Lanyards that hold our city pool passes.  We got those two years ago.  Didn’t join the city pool last summer.

(Why am I justifying throwing away old city pool passes?  Who needs an explanation for that one?)

Moving on…

6.    A couple of boxes and bags of stuff that I can’t even remember anymore.  

I’ve dropped off several boxes at the Salvation Army and now I can’t even remember what else was in there.  No joke.

Lastly, this is how the Monkey took his nap last week.  With the top of the box closed, until he sweated himself awake:

not kidding.


2 thoughts on “5 More Things!

  1. Goal for the week: get rid of most of kid’s wardrobes. Seriously. Why do my children need more than 5 shirts each? They don’t. They wear the same ones over and over and over and over…

    Also- with the lid closed? That’s slightly scary, Kat.

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