I had a witty, insightful post all typed up. It was a follow-up about the time log I kept, with a few more details and reflections. Then I lost it.

Just as well. It will be fine to return to these day-to-day reflections at some point, but today my thoughts are toward Moore, Oklahoma.

I’ve mentioned before that my husband went to the University of Oklahoma. Were it not for that, I’m not sure I ever would have had the chance to visit the great state of Oklahoma. But he did, and I have.

The people there took him in and were family to him in the best way. I have friends there- friends who are not too far from Moore, and friends who have family in Moore.

So that is where my thoughts are today. With families who are still hoping they’ll hear good news about a loved one, and families who have heard what they were afraid to hear. People who lost their homes. People who don’t know what happens next.

Praying for comfort for these people. Praying they will feel love and support, even from those of us far away. Praying they will know that they are seen and cared for, deeply.

To donate $10 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief, text “redcross” to 90999. Other ways to help are here.

2 thoughts on “Moore

  1. While your thoughts are with those you know, mine are with you. ‘Cause that’s what makes the world smaller, and makes Moore (or Newtown or any other tragedy) everybody’s business. We’re all connected.

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