I just wrote a bunch of awesomeness about the time log and lost it on the WordPress app. Dang you, WordPress!

So I will return to all of that rewriting later. For now:

Here is the deodorant I am wearing these days. I am antiperspirant free, with the exception of the occasional special event where I really really don’t want to be sweaty. (Happened yesterday, when I went to a wedding).

I smell awesome, in case you are worried. Like coconuts and lavender.

This idea planted in my head several years ago, when I waited tables at a bar on the UVA Corner. A girl who worked there told me about how she had to have armpit surgery because she had been wearing Secret since she was 11 and her armpits were all clogged up. I continued to wear antiperspirant for…oh…about ten more years after that but the idea of icky clogged armpits stayed with me. So I’m trying out the sweaty life for a change of pace to give these armpits a chance to do their thing.

I’m still not washing my hair with shampoo, either. Really getting hippy up in here!


There are a lot of things that are difficult about parenting in the toddler/preschool years. The tantrums! The assertion of will! The arbitrary wants that they think are needs!

What I love (LOVE) about these years, though, is how the entire course of the day is altered by seeing a train, a firetruck, or a bus.

Me: Buddy, the dog ate your rainboots last night. I tried to tape them together but the tape wasn’t strong enough. We just have your running shoes inst-
Me: I’m sorry, Buddy, I…
Look! A firetruck!
Monkey: It’s a big one! I see the fighterfighter [firefighter] man! Where is it going?

And peace is restored.


True story: When I was a kid and we were on a family vacation, my mom called all of us outside to see a helicopter flying overhead. It wasn’t landing in our yard and it didn’t have anyone dangling from it. Just a helicopter. My siblings and I ran outside to ooh and aah. I watched it until it was too small to see anymore.

My Baltimore cousins, on the other hand, were all “Helicopter? We’re supposed to leave this awesome game of gin rummy to see a helicopter?”.

And that, my friends, is the difference between growing up in the country and growing up in the city.

7 thoughts on “Argh

  1. I loved the preschool years. (Toddler, not as much. When they turned 3 and I realized we were beginning to have real conversations, parenting got a whole lot more interesting to me.) My kids grew up in the forest, on a mountain. When he was 3, my son told me that his best toy was his imagination. I think sticks and rocks were also top contenders. Helicopters were always worth stopping to admire. I’m glad my kids grew up there; yours are lucky, too. (I love your brain dump posts, btw.)

  2. I’m so sorry you lost your post; do rewrite; it’s so interesting to me, reading about your time log. And THANK YOU for the deodorant link. Seriously, I’ve been using arm & hammer deodorant for some time & it works great…for about an hour…and then i smell like something stale/musty/been-in-a-closet-for-a-while.

    • I hope the deodorant works for you. I make no promises for the summer heat- I’m only a couple of weeks in.

      I am glad the time log stuff is interesting. I had a strong inclination to burn the whole blog the other night. I felt an overwhelming sense of weirdness that I am writing out how many hours I spend cleaning…and I presume people want to read it.

      But they do! I know I think this stuff is interesting. So. Anyway. Glad you like it, too! I’ll keep writing!

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