Goals for June

Daily goals for June:
1. Floss
2. Read books
3. Read with my kids

My goals for this month are, admittedly, a little ho-hum. (Except, I guess, if you’re really into dental hygiene). They are, in part, motivated by the time log from last month, and noticing where my time goes. So let’s break it down:

1. Floss. With the exception of those first few days after I see the dentist, I never floss. But it seems like a good thing to do. Do I need to elaborate on this one any more? Probably not.

2. Read more books, and less articles or things online. What I noticed from my time log last month is that I do have time for myself every afternoon. Sometimes it is 30 minutes, and sometimes it is 1.5 hours. My default mode looks like this: catch up on emails, scroll through facebook, click on articles that friends have posted, open up Google reader and read through 5-10 blog posts. Usually I skip around from tab to tab.

All of these actions require concentration for about 1-2 minute increments. (Tops). And then, when naptime is over, I frequently feel like I’ve just hopped from one idea to another for the past hour. I read about everything from Prancercise to sex trafficking to decluttering your house accessories. It is the complete opposite of unitasking and sometimes it leaves my brain feeling frazzled and choppy.

Sometimes all of that mindless clicking around is all that I have the capacity for. And this is okay. But I want to spend more time in books this month, and less time in the clicking around stuff.

I just finished To Hell With All That and started 168 Hours last night. Here’s to more time on one topic, more depth, and a little less clicking around.

3. Read with my kids. This goal has only been on my radar for four days now but I can already see how easily this one falls by the wayside. There’s pretty much always something else I could do instead. Not this month, though! We’re all gettin’ smarter up in here!

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