Brain Dump

Obligatory cute kid pic.  He is one!

Obligatory cute kid pic. He is one!

I just started and scrapped two posts. I have too many thoughts to be coherent, so I’m ignoring smooth transitions between paragraphs and just dumping it out there.

I am planning on doing this triathlon in the fall. I have done two sprints before, once in college and once a few years’ after.

The second tri was at Hilton Head and was in the ocean. The race officials gauged the water current several hours before race time, but it shifted by the time we all lined up to start. We all swam slightly against the current for our half a mile and- no joke- it was like the Titanic went down out there. People were flailing around, the rescue boats were full, and there was panic in the air. I am just as happy to flail around in the lake and not deal with ocean currents again.

I am almost finished with 168 Hours. You should read it. Yes, you. Vanderkam speaks my language- maximize what you love and are good at (your “core competencies”) and minimize or outsource the rest. For me, I read it as such: “Don’t waste the majority of your time and energy on crap you don’t love to do and isn’t important. Like mopping your floor all the time, or making elaborate meals. You don’t love that, it doesn’t bring out your best, and isn’t that big of a deal to you. Instead, streamline the stuff you have to do to live in a clean-enough house, and make more room for the things you love. Like your job, playing with your kids, and hanging out with your husband.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the book: In dual-career families, men spend less time on housework than women, but slightly more time playing with the kids. I can hear the collective cry of “If I don’t do it, no one will!” but I see that cry and raise you a “Figure out a better way than doing it all yourself while your husband plays outside with the kids.”

Acknowledgement: I sound like a real know-it-all.

This is a learning curve we’ve been in, here at our house. About money, housework, time with kids, etc. Now that I’ve been tasting freedom from the tyranny of keeping it all clean/in the allotted budget/right on time, I see that my husband has been on to something with his occasional “just ignore all of that” mentality. As Vanderkam says: “Ideally, the fact that dads don’t do much housework should inspire, not infuriate, moms. It should lead us to figure out ways to spend more of our 168 hours on the things we do best.” Yes. Agreed.

What do you think? Do you agree? Think that is unrealistic?

It is hard to see how we could both perpetually ignore housework in favor of hanging out with each other and the kids, but we’ve ignored it a lot lately and the house is still standing, so… Maybe I should update in a few months and let you know if we’ve been condemned for filth or not. Proof in the pudding, and all of that.

There’s my brain dump. Anyone else have something to share?


6 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. I was just thinking of your blog yesterday, missing a new post. So, thanks!
    This book sounds really interesting. I was just thinking last week that I really LIKE cooking, making meals, etc., but I also get irritable if pressed for time. So I end up with a nice meal to eat but a lot of apologies to make to folks around the dinner table for how I treated them in the process of making said nice meal. Not worth it. Nice meals are for weekends; easy stuff for the weekdays so that I can preserve relationships.

    • i never responded to this, but thanks for the compliment on my blog! 🙂 I like hearing that people like reading it.

      hope meal-making is going well for you:)

  2. I’m going to have to think about this. Right after school gets done tomorrow. Today, I love the idea of doing more of what I love and less of what I don’t.

  3. I love Laura… I have read that several times and get something out of it each time.

    As a single mom I have been struggling with this balance …. We teter on the edge of filth most of the time (I think that if I can keep the counters and tables free and the floors from crunching, I won’t even care… But I haven’t mastered that yet.)

    Of course, we are having a school and church friends party tomorrow… So tonight I am stressing! I don’t think the other moms will take kindly to my filth! If only we had an outside bathroom. ;-). Ahahahaahhhh….

    • i thought about single parents a bunch as i read this book. i hear her saying that we can all do X (run a marathon, for example), provided we minimize Y and Z (useless T.V. time and wasted work hours). but single parents have hurdles to jump that i don’t have to consider. in short- i have nothing but admiration for you. if the floors crunch tomorrow- meh. go play with the kids.

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