All I Have to Offer is a Numbered List

One day I’ll have a well thought out blog post for you. Until then, I like using numbered lists to just fire off the jumble of thoughts. Without further ado:

1. This post, about being a mom of small kids, rings true. I’m not living on easy street entirely, but I get to enjoy playdates where I can finish my sentences and the kids can play somewhere else in the house for long periods of time. There was a time in life when I just didn’t think that would happen. Glory be- it is happening. Not all the time, but enough to keep me holding on.

2. Remember this idea of mine? Well. Last week I showed up to help at vacation bible school and saw a few coconut oil marks on my shirt (you know- the ones you get when you put on deodorant and then pull your shirt over your head?). Oil doesn’t come out of clothing very easily and you can’t rub it off your shirt mid-morning. So I just looked like I had a dirty/sweaty shirt on all day. Ick.

Also I had shaved the old pits the night before and HOLY FIRE if my underarms weren’t screaming all day. It was- hardy har har- the pits. I’m bailing on coconut oil/cornstarch/tea tree oil and sticking to either this one that I like well enough or splurging on Maggie’s suggestion.

So that’s the update on my armpits. Check it off your list of “things I was getting really curious about”.

3. In getting ready for the triathlon, it is the swimming that I am the most intimidated by. I swam the other day for the first time in years and whatdoyouknow it was really nice.

When I walked in the pool area I had that feeling I get when I walk across a track- memories and nerves. I ran the 400m and the 4×400 relay in high school and still remember the pain of hitting the halfway mark and thinking DEAR LORD HOW AM I ONLY HALFWAY THERE. And when I get back in the pool it is a similar feeling. I feel out of my element and like there is a lot of painful, hard work ahead.

In spite of the butterflies, the swim was nice and it felt good to do something difficult. Victory!

4. Finger paint night!

yay!  finger paint!

yay! finger paint!

ewwww!  finger paint!

ewwww! finger paint!


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