What Would You Do?

The show by the same name makes me completely uncomfortable. Anyone else?

My big kids are on their way to North Carolina today. They are spending a few days with their grandparents. There will be tractor rides and time spent in a creek by the house. They’ve been looking forward to this for the last week. We didn’t tell them any earlier because the nature of their excitement means that they wake up every day asking if today is the day to go to the farm, and then they repeat that question 72 times before they fall asleep that night.


So it is just my husband, me, and the baby for a while.

I always get a little crazy when handed time off like this. (Because- yes- it feels like a certain level of time off to just have one kid for a few days. It is all relative, my friend-with-one-kid. All relative).

I am conflicted, in that I want to careen around the house, getting all sorts of things accomplished and finished. I also want to do things like walk downtown with just one little umbrella stroller. Or go meet a friend at a coffee shop and feed the baby Cheerios while we talk, relatively uninterrupted.

I have learned to do a little of both. The times when I just go nuts on various projects and then get my kids back, feeling exhausted (yet triumphant for besting that to-do list), and it doesn’t feel like the best use of my time. Neither does just lazing around all the time.

For this month, I think my goal is to keep our desk clear all month. It is our dumping ground of mail, headbands, miscellaneous toys, tools, and whatever else you can think of that does not really belong on a desk. I can’t wait until my dad gives us his rolltop desk, so I can just hide everything. Until then, I want to clear ours off. It is time to face the bills that have gotten buried in there, the filing that needs to happen (I hate filing- especially since we have a very imperfect filing system that I want to overhaul whenever I have to file something away), the toy pieces that have gone to die there, and whatever other treasures I find.

So I know I’ll do that. And I just finished “Call the Midwives,” so I don’t have a show to watch now- but I’d love a suggestion. Because doesn’t it sound nicer to clean off a desk and file a bunch of crap while watching a good show?

I’ll also go to a coffee shop, walk downtown, and enjoy the baby while his siblings are gone.

What would you do if you were handed a little break like this?


9 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I would do just what you said–a little of both. Balance is the key to so many things, I think. Hope you enjoy your break. And yes, I always like to have a good show going while I do a project. I need a suggestion for one, too. Let us know if you find a good one, OK?

  2. Inspector Lewis (start with series 4 & 5–they’re newer)–It’s about a police inspector at Oxford solving the crimes of the smart/wealthy people there. A little more lighthearted than other crime dramas, but not that lighthearted.

    Or, for something entirely different: Pushing Daisies. Actually, it’s also about crime-solving, but it’s quite lighthearted, quirky, and fun. I realize that sounds like a contradiction.

    I may not be a child-rearing/house-running expert, but I AM a tv expert.

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