Triathlon Update

Triathlon training is kicking my tail all over Charlottesville.

On Saturday I ran 5 miles, which is the longest run I have attempted in several years. (Hands up if you’ve ever run 5 miles on a treadmill! Not all that fun. Even watching Pride and Prejudice couldn’t take the edge off. Keira’s underbite was very distracting). I got halfway through the run and had to restart my treadmill, since there is a 30 minute time limit on treadmills at the gym.

At that point I wanted to bail. Feeling exhausted, but knowing I still had 2.5 miles to go, was very mentally daunting.

My husband swears that if you can push through the 30 minute/3 mile mark, then you can actually enjoy the run. (I like talking exercise with him, but take some of his advice with a grain of salt. Because consider the source. He is a bit of an exercise abnormality, in my opinion). He thinks that the 30-minute mark is when your body starts to feel better and not like…death. So I kept that in mind and just kept jogging on. (Think 11 minute mile pace. I’m not breaking any records.) I think the little one-minute walk when I had to restart the treadmill helped, and maybe that magical 30-minute mark. Whatever the case, I finished and felt very tired (and mentally over it) but good.

I’m going to take my own advice and slooow it down tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do yoga, or just cut my scheduled workout in half or something. After the run on Saturday, I did my first spin class on Sunday. Sweaty McSweatster here was dy-ing. Then another tough workout Tuesday and this morning- my body is weary and needs a little catch-up. I haven’t worked out this intensely in years.

In other news, I am out of laundry detergent and have all the ingredients to make this homemade stuff. I balk at anything that involves our food processor because…it just sounds like a real pain to shred up soap. But easier than driving to the store with three kids to buy detergent. Am I right?

6 thoughts on “Triathlon Update

  1. I’d probably grate the soap by hand because I wouldn’t want my food processor full of soap. If you do it, I want to know how it turns out!

    • two undesirable options. every time i grate by hand i scrape my knuckles or live in fear of scraping. but you’re right- i don’t want to be tasting bar soap via the food processor for the next year.

  2. I’ve been walking on the treadmill and having a hard time staying on it. Walking. I’m positive that Keira and her underbite would not be sufficient distraction!

    • ha! i’m pretty sure that half of my problem is that i get bored on the treadmill. all of that movement…never going anywhere… it’s so tempting to just hop off and be done with it.

      i DID notice that last week when i was on the treadmill and watched the Crossfit Games for a little bit, i was very motivated to kick ass. so maybe jane austen isn’t my best viewing option for keeping myself excited to exercise.

  3. If you ever want to run outside and want a partner, I run about a 12 minute mile, 11:30 on a good day these days. And, I’m training for a half-marathon, so my long run last week was 5 miles. I also do shorter runs during the week… We could probably even drag Carolyn along. 😉

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