What I Am Reading (from around the Interwebs)

If you just want a good laugh, skip to number 3. It’s pretty serious in numbers 1 and 2.

1. I read this interview last week, focusing on foreign aid and short-term mission trips. Having been on several mission trips, this idea of my “help” doing more harm than good is certainly worth thinking about. I have painted hospitals, dug foundations for schools, and run vacation bible schools on my 10-day jaunts to X country overseas.

I don’t write off short-term missions or overseas aid altogether. Far from it. I have two very good friends who are preparing to leave for Croatia, to pursue life with the people over there. If not for short-term (and then longer-term) missions overseas at earlier points in their respective lives, they might not have known to consider moving to Croatia right now. Instead, they are getting ready to move next summer with their four kids. I think that’s incredible!

But this idea of a quick dive-bomb of an area, where we plug an apparent hole in the boat, then leave a few days (or even months) later- I’m not so sure anymore. I think it is more of an awesome experience for me than a long-term positive change for the community I am visiting, if I’m not pretty darn careful.

I mean- the example of the guy with the egg business? Who had to close up shop because of a well-meaning church, providing eggs to his community? Kind of makes me cringe.

2. I saw this on facebook last night and watched the whole thing while eating my dinner. Usually I would watch the first 4 minutes of this sort of thing, get the gist of it, and then move on. I mean, a documentary about texting and driving is not enjoyable to watch.

Here is why I watched the whole thing: I have sent texts while driving. I have read texts while driving. Every time I do it, I know I am taking a chance- there is a risk involved. It is a calculated risk, where the odds are in my favor that nothing will happen. I know I am just glancing at my phone for a second, to see if my husband got my message about dinner tonight, to let a friend know I’m on my way- whatever. But I am aware that there is a small chance that something bad (horrible understatement) could happen. Yet I still take that chance.

I am done with that. I knew I needed to stop, and now I have. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have texted while driving, but I know I’m not the only responsible adult who makes this tiny exception to their otherwise responsible life.

This documentary(?) also makes me more aware of holding my kids’ hands tighter as we cross the street, and making sure I have eye contact with a driver before we cross in front of him/her. I have an older version of street-crossing in my mind– one that assumes that the person is watching the road. I don’t think I can assume that so broadly anymore. Especially in our neighborhood, with lots of young (badass) drivers, loud music, and cell phones.

(“Young drivers”: Says the woman in her mid-30’s, who just confessed to texting while driving. Noted.)

3. On a lighter note, anything with Awkward Family Photos makes me laugh. Let’s hear it for older siblings!

It irritates me to click on a link and navigate away from my page, but I haven’t figured out how not to do that with the WordPress app on my ipad. Sorry.

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