The Plant Lives and Also I Figured Out How to NOT Hate Swimming

Remember this sad little creature?

dead plant

I had given him up for dead.

After I posted about it, my fb friends came to the rescue. I was encouraged to mulch and water, and told he would probably pull through.

I have done what I was told to do. And look! Little purple flowers- signs of life!


I’m kind of way too excited about this. It’s just that…I’ve always killed plants. And maybe I have actually kept this one alive. It’s almost too much to bear.

In other news, I had a swimming breakthrough yesterday. I hit a wall with the swimming part of my triathlon training, sometime last week. I had discovered spin class to get my bike miles in (I can just substitute that for training on the road, right?), and was muscling through my running, but just couldn’t make myself get in the pool. It was too boring and tedious.

For example, here’s what I’m thinking when I’m running:

“Keira has quite the underbite. She looks defiant all the time… I wonder how the kids are doing in the Kid Zone downstairs? I hope about a third of those kids have gone home for lunch because it was waaaaay crowded when I dropped them off… Maybe I’ll paint those letters on the kids’ wall when I get home today…”
Etc and so forth. You get it- it’s your basic stream-of-consciousness thing.

Here’s what I’m thinking when I’m swimming:

“Lap 12…12…12…Am I going to flip-turn or just touch the edge and turn around?… Okay 13…13…13…Wait, it is 13 right? Or am I on 14?… Crap… Okay 13…13…13…”.

The pits.

Yesterday it occurred to me to swim by time, not by counting laps. So I swam 250 meters (had to count those laps out, but it was a means to an end), and it took about 5 minutes. Then I just swam for another 30 minutes and called it good, knowing that would be well over the 1000 meters I wanted to swim for the day.

I was practically giddy as I swam, because I could think about things others than stupid lap numbers and second-guessing if I was counting them correctly or not.

I have to run 6 miles tomorrow and it might be the death of me. I really have almost no confidence that it will go well. Not even remotely. Ugh.

Anyone else have something hellish they are doing tomorrow? I’d like to console myself with something like “Hey, at least I’m not getting that root canal/stripping wall paper/cleaning the flooded basement like poor Joe! I just have to run two more miles!”.


11 thoughts on “The Plant Lives and Also I Figured Out How to NOT Hate Swimming

  1. it’s very likely I could be sanding drywall,painting the beam in the living room, or finishing cleaning out the basement, all the while waiting for the groundhog that’s been living in the space beside the fireplace to come out and get caught in the trap i have set for him outside..(or, with my luck, it’s a female and she has a whole litter of baby groundhogs living there, too) 🙂
    Run, Katherine, Run……………………………………………………………………………………

  2. I will be cleaning out the classroom, going through countless papers/books deciding what to keep and throw away and then planning for homeschooling your nephew and nieces who are in 3 different grades, just as a reminder. Girlfriend, I’d actually rather be running 6 miles with you… anything to put off the overwhelming task of getting ready for the school year. YOU CAN DO IT!

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