Things I Quit

1. Coupons.

Why? Because it wasn’t fun anymore. Not even the thrill of free razor blades could entice me to keep clipping. I’m a Trader Joe’s shopper now, and haven’t really looked back. Shopping feels simple again, and I am all for that.

2. Washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar.

Why? Because I felt like my hair was getting too greasy, or maybe not getting totally clean to begin with. The underside (the part under my ponytail) was always looking narsty. Also, I am showering at the gym a few times a week now and switching from baking soda to shampoo and back again meant my hair didn’t get totally used to all baking soda, all the time. (Your hair usually needs to adjust to the baking soda, and once it does it will stop producing as much oil. But switching back and forth meant that adjustment never really happened).

Lastly, we got caught in the rain one evening a few weeks ago, and all I could smell was my apple cider vinegar hair. And not in a pleasant way.

Has anyone out there quit anything recently? Are there things I should be quitting that I haven’t yet? Tell me all about it. Quitting in these two areas has felt great.

11 thoughts on “Things I Quit

  1. I quit coupons too! I found I actually ended up spending MORE money every time I tried to use coupons and ended up with crap we never use! I so badly want to be a couponer but I stink at it!!

    • if you have to quit something, coupon’ing is probably a fine thing to quit. especially if you spend more because of it. kind of defeats the whole purpose…:)

  2. I quit yelling at my kids. The 2 year old is strong-willed and prone to daily tantrums and when he would start to get upset (always when i was in a hurry or already frustrated about something else), it would quickly spiral to me yelling in frustration. I read a quote that says something like “the way that you talk to your child becomes his inner voice.” Ouch. So I cold turkeyed and now I go completely against my instinct. When he starts to get frustrated, I sit down, hug him, and encourage him in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, to explain what’s wrong. It has re-trained both of us and it has worked every single time.

    • ohhh… that’s a good one for me to read. i don’t yell that much, but i am queen of empty threats. i should cold-turkey empty threats. that would really change things.

  3. I quit watching the show Lost in the last season. That’s my most proud quitting, only wish I had done it when I first started being scared the whole show.

  4. I quit playing candy crush. Yep, even deleted the app from my iPad. If you’ve ever been a CC addict, you know how huge this is. Just sayin.

      • i know:) when i get a comment i can see the email address of who posted it. i know your info.

        and i’ve never played candy crush but judging by how many people i see playing it on fb it is highly addictive. way to walk away, kam!

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