Packing is the Pits

We leave tomorrow for Montana! My brother gets married next weekend. He has lived there for maybe ten years now (Ethan- true?) and we tried to recruit him to come back to this coast but it has all been in vain. He likes it there too much. Fair enough. We get to travel to an awesome place for his wedding as a result.

Chicken is in the wedding and would have happily worn her flower girl dress 24/7, had I permitted such recklessness of clothing. It has sparkles and she looooves it.

The challenge of the evening is packing. I think packing is the pits. When the hubs and I discovered that our small suitcases meet the carry-on size requirements, we high-fived [didn’t actually happen] and set about packing the hell out of both of the suitcases. Try to make me check a bag! I dare you!

I subscribe to the 80/20 rule of clothing in my day to day life- I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. Vacation is no exception. Every time I think “I’ll pack this little number that cuts in too much at the waist. Except this time I’ll wear it…because vacation! And it looks super cute if I just don’t breath very much all afternoon. And I definitely can’t sit down.”

And then I don’t wear it and it was a waste of space.

So I’ve wised up and am a pretty minimalist packer. But it still stresses me out. All the details!!

I am also all wired because I’m doing a little mini-triathlon tomorrow before we leave. I’ll do the full swim and bike, and only half of the running. Like last week, I am nervous and not sure how it will go. However, last weeks’ 6 miles went really well. I felt great! I ran with a friend for 4 miles and then just slow-and-steadied the last 2 on my own. I had energy to spare. Not much, but some. Which is encouraging. I had a moment of “maybe all of this training is working!”. Maybe.

So- packing and trying not to get all worked up about my mini-triathlon. My agenda items for the evening.


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