A Few Things

1. I did an athletic conditioning class on Thursday morning. I am SIGNIFICANTLY more sore from that one hour experience than the entire triathlon. Before I kneel down to pick something up, I really weigh out how badly I want it. It just hurts so much to stand back up. Like pregnancy, all over again. [Not pregnant].

2. I don’t have a September goal. I am not sweating it. Maybe I’ll pick up the torch again in October.

3. I signed on to Facebook on Friday and saw three anti-fb links up. The irony! Of course, I read them all and thought about quitting facebook. Pros to fb: being in the know about occasions/gatherings/babies that are born/significant life events as they happen. Cons: time suck with very little to show for it. All the pros probably comprise 5% of my fb use. Can’t help but think about my month away. I enjoyed that month. It was good for me.

4. Hmm… Maybe I’ve found my October goal.

5. This went from a list to a post without paragraph transitions.

This is what homeschooling looks like.  No.  Really.  I take this very seriously.

This is what homeschooling looks like. Hahahaha…


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