How My Life is Different Without Facebook

You’re probably curious as to what this post is about.

I’m a little over a week into my facebook-free life and 1) it really doesn’t matter much at all and 2) there are plenty of other ways to kill time, if you just look for them.  Blogs, for example.

A friend of mine was published recently and I missed reading the chatter about that on facebook.  I read the two comments on the actual website, but I know there was a ton more discussion on people’s facebook pages.  It makes sense- facebook is easier to comment on, so a lot of people just do that instead of taking the extra 7 seconds to fill in their email address and check the box that verifies they’re not a spammer.  And word verification on a blog or website?  Forget about it.  I usually just move on if I see that, and keep my solid gold comments to myself.

Facebook, on the other hand, doesn’t require that stuff.  I know that this little blog o’ mine gets more feedback via my personal facebook page than in the comments section here.  So yeah- I have missed reading what people are saying about this friend’s article and- for a little bit- thought about signing back in to catch up.  And I miss the extra comments and “likes” when I post my blog on facebook.  There, I said it.

Other than that, I miss facebook the same way I miss a fingernail I couldn’t stop biting.  (I’ve been biting my fingernails as long as I can remember!  There is a long history to this analogy).

Fingernail, I didn’t want to bite you, but you kept calling me back.  I couldn’t stay away, as much as I wanted to.  As much as I purposed to.  As many times as I vowed to let you grow and forget about you.  I know that biting you is, most of the time, not all that good for me-   but, fingernail, you’re always there!  And the temptation is too great.

(My facebook relationship, in a nutshell).



Here is one thing I did because I was NOT piddling around on facebook:  Cleaned three windows!

Back story: sometime in the last year, two friends had their windows washed within a couple of weeks of each other.  Both commented on how much brighter their house looked as a result.  And then I saw this, about how taking your screens out lightens up your space.  Of course, then I looked at my windows downstairs and saw all the little spots on them that is probably fly poop but I refuse to google it to find out because eww gross I’d rather not know.  And also I let my kids stand on the furniture to watch exciting things like the trash truck!  And recycling truck!  So there are little hand prints all over the windows.  In short, you could barely see through the filth and the concept of clean windows was popping up on my radar left and right.

When I think about washing windows, I think “hire it out!” because my memory of that task is my mother, taking our windows out of their…window spaces(?) and spreading them out all over the living room and then cleaning them for hours.  Bleh.  Who can get pysched up for that?  Not me, Jose.  So that task sat at the bottom of a to-do list for the past year.

So when my husband casually tilted the window out of its window space(?) last week I was all NO WAY IT IS THAT EASY???  And cleaned two of them the next day.  I used some Lysol that my in-laws left here when they took care of my kids.  (Because we don’t have any Windex, if that tells you how often I clean mirrors or windows.  And no, you hippies out there, I didn’t have any vinegar either.)  I used Lysol, the roll of paper towels that my in-laws also left (I don’t buy those.  Can I buy back a few hippie points?) and the issue of the Hook free newspaper I had just finished reading.  Easy peasy.  It is not a perfect cleaning job, but who cares as long as I’m not looking through fly poop to see the garbage truck anymore?

I did the third window yesterday.  The baby woke up from his nap and I thought to myself “Self, I bet you can wash that third living room window before the baby really gets pissed that he is still in his crib”.  And I did.  I cleaned the window and got the baby before he got really riled up.  I felt like homemaker of the year.

Now I can’t stop looking out my windows and marveling at the difference.  Seriously.  And once the stupid stinkbugs back up off me and this cool weather stays, I will take the screens out, too.  For extra brightness!

2 thoughts on “How My Life is Different Without Facebook

  1. i just now figured out why i did not know about anything on here for the last month. bc you were not posting your blog on fb!!!! #justsubscribed. and no worries about the awesome chatter. you know i’ll always find it and send it to you in a word document :).

    • hahaha- yes, i MIGHT have stated this in my last post before i hopped off facebook but hey…details details…

      (#iknowwhoreallycaresaboutmeandmyblog) <—–first hashtag!

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