One Thing I am Compulsive About

Last night I went to Barnes and Noble.  We are hosting my two nieces, who are extremely fun and easy to have around, but (hello) five kids.  My husband suggested I get out for a little while to be amongst grown-ups and not be responsible for anything.

I was on a search for a notebook, because I am a chronic list-maker and my current notebook is almost full.  If it is not written down, it pretty much doesn’t stand a chance of being remembered, so I am always filling up notebook pages.  I don’t do well with little pieces of paper that get crumpled at the bottom of my purse- just give me one big notebook for all of it.

I don’t have a smartphone, but even if I did- I think I’d still use pen and paper for my lists.  I like to make little boxes next to my tasks and then check them off.  (Sometimes I write something down that I’ve already done, just to give it the old checky checkerton.  List nerd.  Noted.)

Barnes and Noble was open for one last hour by the time I got there.  I spent the entire time, wandering around the journal/notebook/sketchbook section, looking for the perfect notebook.  (I prefer spiral, so it will lay flat.  Wide ruled lines.  And a good size to keep in my purse).

There was a lot of cutesy stuff there.  Owls are still very hot in the journal section at Barnes and Noble.  And lots of quotes about living your dreams and being fabulous.  Nothing fit the bill.

The point of all of this is to say that I looked at a limited supply of products for an entire hour, and still came away empty-handed.  This wasn’t the rabbit-hole of Amazon.  It was a shelving unit that measured about 10 feet by 5 feet, and a couple of endcaps.

Astounding.  I am, truly, compulsive and particular about my notebooks.

Help me feel normal: Is there something that you are a weirdo about like this?  Would anyone else spend an hour looking at notebooks and STILL walk away empty-handed?

11 thoughts on “One Thing I am Compulsive About

    • Also, I hope you didn’t come away from your alone time feelingbdisappointed, cause that’s the worst.
      Also, give the Moleskine a chance. Not a spiral, but wickedly popular for a reason.

      • in spite of not buying anything, i really enjoyed browsing. i have a few more pages in my current notebook, so i am not under the gun to just get something. it feels like a luxury to just wander and think about how i’ll spend a few dollars.

        moleskine. yes- very popular. i’m finishing up a non-spiral and i consistently think about the good old spiral days of yore… i don’t know if i can do it, keely.

        • Oh it’s lots of change! Not wide ruled, either. I’ll send you one. That way if you hate it, at least you’re not out any money.

    • oh dishtowels. yes. mostly because there are so many more options than just plain red or green now. do i want birds? leaves? geometric print? ack! analysis paralysis.

  1. I looked at 4 different stores for a water bottle and a to- go coffee cup, and left empty handed mutiple times. They both had to meet a certain criteria, and I get this picture in my head…and when they aren’t perfect, I just can’t do it. You are not alone 🙂

    • “when they aren’t perfect, I just can’t do it”

      yup. that was me, several times last night. “i should just get this one…but it’s not perfect!”. so i didn’t.

      i’ve done that with coffee cups. i found my go-to at tj maxx. (after bed bath and beyond and several thrift stores failed to deliver).

  2. I’m a weirdo about lots of things. I will have items in my Amazon shopping cart for weeks at a time. I will research and debate and think, “Why I can’t just make things easy and make a decision already?”

    By the way, as a new smartphone club member, I still prefer old fashioned handwritten lists. I have to constantly tap my phone to keep it on, and crossing off items is not nearly as satisfying. I like looking through old lists as well. I’m a fan of ones intended for school use b/c they usually have a pocket, and I like the perforated edge in case I want to tear something out.

    • yes- that is a strike against my current notebook as well. the lack of perforation means i can’t tear the pages out easily. all signs point back to a spiral notebook…

      and i’m pretty sure i have one particular item on my “wishlist” that i’ve been debating for over a year. it costs less than $10.

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