Let’s All Tune in for “GSD With Katherine”

Every once in a while, I get a burst of energy to get some stuff done around my house.  We call that “GSD,” for “Gettin’ Shit Done”.  This energy burst happens infrequently enough that when it happens I try to roll with it.  And, today, document it.

This door gives the impression that we own and dog and that it licks our glass door all day.  We don't.

This door gives the impression that we own and dog and that it licks our glass door all day. We don’t.

This morning I woke up early to clean the bathrooms.  (This is how I start just about every week.  Cleaning bathrooms.  Something about getting the crappiest job out of the way…  Pardon the pun).  Then the kids got up and we did a little bit of school together.  I had two loads of laundry going and decided to move the party outside so I could hang some of the laundry up on the line.  (I do this NOT to save money or save the planet, but because I am so paranoid about locking stains in when I use the dryer.  The winters, with the lack of outdoor drying capabilities, are a nerve-racking time for me).

Now this is when things get good.  I’m already killing it because it is 10:30 in the morning and I have clean bathrooms and two loads of clean laundry.  And I have thrown some education at my kids, making them marginally smarter than they were yesterday.  So I can stop right now and I am already waaaaay ahead of my own curve.

But- no!  I suddenly get the idea to capitalize on this sunshiney weather and take the screens out of the windows!  I wanted to hose them down before I stored them in the attic, and a sunny day is the best day for that.  Then it is kind of like “hey, if I am pulling out screens, why not just clean the remaining windows downstairs?”.  And that seems like a good idea.

Fast forward three hours and the screens are cleaned and stored in the attic.  The windows are sparkly.  Can I show you?  Behold, before:


And during:


And after:


I mean- cleaning windows is not my ideal way to spend a Monday, but how about that bang for my buck?  It feels very worth it.

The kids had a great time while I worked.  The big kids dug up worms and tried to build a habitat for their pet caterpillar.  We took a break to watch the tow truck haul our neighbors’ truck away.  We ate some applesauce.  Chicken lost the caterpillar at the neighbors’ house (Again- sorry about that, Caroline).

It was one of those magical days where everyone is content and so I kept forging ahead with my tasks.  I was ready to bail whenever the kids started to unravel, but that never happened.  So- victory was mine today.

Has anyone else been GSD today?  I always start out strong on Mondays.  Watch for the steep decline for the remainder of the week.


4 thoughts on “Let’s All Tune in for “GSD With Katherine”

  1. I am so impressed (read jealous) with your windows! I can’t imagine how fantastic it would be to have windows that clean. I actually G(a little)SD today, believe it or not. Besides calling AAA to come tow the landcruiser(you’re welcome) I also did 2 loads of laundry, mowed the front yard and stripped probably at least 50 years of paint and dirt off of one side of the bathroom door. Hopefully, my momentum will continue tomorrow (doubtful) and I will do the other side of the door and then sand it until it’s as smooth as a baby’s butt. I think if everyday had weather like today, I would always GSD. Agree?

    • hahaha– yes, the weather helps a ton. i am very impressed with stripping 50 years of paint off a door. here’s to momentum for tomorrow! (i think i used all of my work energy up and will just sit around and/or watch “call the midwife” tomorrow).

  2. Momentum fail. Did NOT strip the other side do bathroom door. :-(. And today I think I’ll make pumpkin bread and clam chowder and read a book. BTW, I love call the midwife.

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