Brain Dump


1. We went trick or treating last night. I had a princess and two dragons/dinosaurs in tow. We went to the Lawn (which means nothing to those outside of Charlottesville).
The Lawn is the main area of the UVA campus (ahem, grounds) and students apply to live there for their senior (ahem, fourth) year. Every Halloween the Lawn is swarmed by a bazillion people in costume, trick-or-treating their way from room to room.

Here’s something I forgot about trick-or-treating on the Lawn: looking over at my child and seeing some student crouching down and taking his picture. I know he’s a cute baby dinosaur/dragon, but it surprises me when someone else wants to document that cuteness.

Kind of like when my friend Abigail saw a picture of my daughter hanging in the Art building on grounds. In the picture, I was holding her and she was looking at the camera over my shoulder. I had no idea the picture was taken, much less that it would be displayed for anyone to see. I mean…that’s weird, right? [Said by the women who puts pictures of her kids on the internet. Clearly I’m not a kids-on-the-internet purist. But at least I am putting these pictures up on my own terms. The Lawn thing and picture-in-the-Art-building thing is weird.]

2. Speaking of the baby, he dumped a full box of Grape-Nuts (okay, actually- we buy generic Nutty Nuggets) on the kitchen floor on Monday. It is Friday, I have swept a few times, and I am still stepping on a stray Nut/Nugget a few times a day. Not my favorite.

3. This summer my friend Keely posted on facebook that her kids were watching a movie. (Maybe the third movie that day). First, I judged her biiiiiiiiig time for obvious maternal failures across the board. A movie? In the middle of the day? For shame.

Second, I am kidding about “first”.

Here’s what I really thought- I don’t do movies enough with my kids. I usually put a show on out of desperation or frustration at the end of the day, and they watch until we eat dinner at 5:30’ish.

There’s a baby sleep book somewhere that says “sleep begets sleep”. In our house, shows beget asking to watch more shows. When my kids get a little taste of a show, they ask for more and more. The 30 minute freedom I get from putting on Wild Kratts on Monday afternoon is usually overshadowed by the incessant question of “Can we watch a show?” during any downtime for the next three days. When we go show-free for a couple of days in a row, they tend to quit asking.

So I have been doing a semi-regular Friday afternoon movie time instead of little bits of screen time every day. By Friday afternoon I have used up all of my good parenting skills and am running on fumes anyway. It is a perfect time for a movie. Like, right after I publish this I will put the movie on and the electronic babysitter will be in charge for a while.

Works for me.

4. As some may remember, I finished a triathlon just over a month ago. My overall physical fitness has taken a sharp turn for the worse since then. It is hard to get motivated to slog out another long run on the treadmill, so I don’t. I jog (slowly) for 30 minutes, feeling bored and impatient to be done the whole time, and don’t necessarily feel like it has done me much good. So I read this the other day and decided to add a little variety to my running.

On Wednesday I did intervals, alternating a jog and a run every quarter mile for 2.5 miles. I hopped off the treadmill feeling like I worked hard, but it felt good. I’m into sustainable exercise and forcing myself through the same boring routine day after day does not make me want to keep it up. Intervals are a nice change. I did the same thing today and added a little weight-lifting at the end.

5. If I may give some unsolicited advice to anyone who cares: Eliminating breakfast choices makes our mornings run smoothly around here. My kids eat oatmeal just about every morning during the week. If they finish their oatmeal and want to choose a cereal, they can. But usually by the time they eat a bowlful they are full. Therefore, my whole morning is on autopilot, leaving brain space for stuff like conversations about school or thinking/planning for the day ahead. Also, oatmeal is substantial and I don’t usually need to do a morning snack as a result. It’s an easy food coast until lunchtime. It makes sense, right?

6. October is over! I can officially plunge right back into facebook!

Maybe I’ll elaborate more later, but first reaction to a month without facebook: I barely missed it at all. I felt a little out of the loop once or twice when friends referenced something that was common knowledge in the facebook world. And, like I mentioned once before, I missed the chatter when a friend got published and then had her article reposted over 20K times on facebook. BUT that was the exception, not the rule. Most of the time I was very happy to have a reason to NOT be on facebook. I read a few books this month, instead. And felt bored and didn’t have anything do, once or twice. I like that feeling.

And here we are in November, and I have not come up with a single goal. Anyone have an idea for me?


7 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Daniel just looked at the pictures and said, “wait, is that Clay? Is he standing up now? Does he talk now?” Cute and a little sad 🙂 Miss y’all! And, can you get my kids to eat oatmeal?!

    • hahaha- tell him that he doesn’t talk yet, but he is trying!

      i think the key with the oatmeal is that we started them young and had flavorless oatmeal as the staple. now we put honey and cinnamon on it and they think it’s high rolling. i expect to get another year out of this system, at least- more if i can up the ante with syrup or chopped up fruit or something.

      your kids have their lunch staples for the summertime. that goes a long way:)

  2. I believe Nutty Nuggets is the worst cereal name I’ve ever heard.

    Goal for November . . . maybe be one of those super impressive people who has holiday shopping finished before December 1?

    • yes. nutty nuggets is pretty much the pits.

      and i LOVE that goal idea. i think that may be the one. i got really excited as soon as i read it, which is usually a good sign.

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