Brain Dump


Photo by Sean Wathen. This is what some men do during a weekend away. On my weekend away, I ate food and sat on a couch.

I know people may tire of my “brain dump” but sometime I have so many different thoughts and the idea of trying to make them flow just seems pointless. Let’s fire it off (get it? Like the picture):

1. I realized a few weeks ago that I do very little laundry from week to week. Diaper laundry about twice a week, and then 1-2 loads otherwise. Some weeks I just do diaper laundry.

When I noticed that my daughter wore the exact same outfit from Tuesday through Friday, the lack of clothes in the dirty laundry basket really made that much more sense.

I recommend this method for reducing your overall laundry requirements.

2. Now that I have clean windows, the light in my kitchen every morning is blinding. I didn’t know how much that film of dust and gross fly guts was protecting my eyes. Still happy with the clean windows, though. I’m just squinting a lot.

3. I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago to put my summer clothes away and pull out my winter clothes. I took some time to pull out a few things for the giveaway bag. Here’s what occurred to me: If I have a pair of shorts or a skirt that feels too short, namely because I am not gung-ho about showing off much of anything above the knee, I should get rid of them.

I had held on to a few things like that, thinking “Well, if I just lose a few pounds I might enjoy them”. Well screw that. If I can train for and finish an Olympic triathlon and I’m still not eager to show my legs off…it is time to let the short shorts go. Donesies.

4. Speaking of shorts, my husband has received two pairs of shorts for running various ultramarathons. Patagonia mens size large. Never worn. Any takers, in the Charlottesville area? They were free to us, they’re free to you.

(Unless you count the bazillion miles of running my husband did to earn them… And the bazillion hours of childcare I provided, so he could run the bazillion miles… Wait! On second thought- they’re $500! I will take no less!).

I am very much my mother’s daughter. The idea of these perfectly good shorts getting lost in the Goodwill shuffle pains me. Someone’s gotta want some new running shorts out there. They were a hint too short for my husband’s liking. They’re not shorty-short. Just not long enough for husband long-legs over here.

5. I pulled the trigger and ordered the playsilks for my nieces and nephews. I got sort of in a mental tizzy about it, second-guessing myself and overthinking which sizes to buy. I know I have plenty of time to decide before Christmas rolls around, but I also know I want my shopping done by the end of the month. And I could go back and forth about it until the verylastminute. So I just made myself hit “make payment” and immediately felt relieved. (Eight presents, done.)

Is anyone else buying presents this early? I feel like I’m way ahead of the game.

Walking on the Rivanna Trail, a few weeks ago. The kids loved going through the tunnels.

2 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. I literally just finished all my Christmas shopping this morning 🙂 Although, I’m not usually that efficient, I was just told to get all my shopping done before Baby #2 arrives (informed of such by all my girlfriends that have had November babies)!

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