This Time Three Days Ago



This time three days ago, we were in our room at the Believe in Tomorrow house. The Monkey was in bed. He knew we were going to the hospital the next day, so a doctor could fix his wiggly arm.

This time two days ago, we were in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (the PICU), coaxing another round of steroids into a very sad/angry/scared three year old.

This time last night, we were wheeling him back to his room after another MRI. He was overtired and sad/angry/scared. He had spent the day napping, eating, and walking on his own, but was pretty fed up with medicine, tests and “I promise this won’t hurt” stuff. (Can’t blame him.)

Tonight we are, again, at the Believe in Tomorrow house. All of us! Repeat: All of us. My son, who had brain surgery two days ago, is well enough to leave the hospital.

He had a clear MRI and we were discharged this afternoon. He’s asleep in the bed next to me, passed out from a hard day of playing. And walking back to the house from the hospital. And then playing some more.

I’m thankful for so much this evening.


I keep hearing a hymn in my head that my mom could sing from memory. She was raised in the ARP church in South Carolina and knew a heckuva lot of hymns by heart. (And what she didn’t know, she would sort of mumble-sing confidently until the words she knew came around again. It makes me laugh to remember her doing that. It usually happened around the third verse.)

The refrain ended with: Oh come to the Father through Jesus his Son, And give Him the glory, great things he hath done.

I am thankful for my Monkey’s health. I’m thankful for our community and family, which has come in really close around us. I wish my Mom were here to revel in it with me. But- still- great things He hath done.

6 thoughts on “This Time Three Days Ago

  1. Amen. So well said. We are praising Jesus right alongside you… just so incredibly thankful for sweet Bowen and for how our faithful Lord has been with him every step of the way (and with you and Russ… and with the rest of us who love all of you so much). He has done great things and we praise His name.

  2. Katherine, there is no doubt that Ruth is reveling with you in your thanksgiving. Surely, the Lord has done great things for sweet Bo and your family. Praise Him for your Godly heritage that has taught you of Him and His great love. Praise God through whom all blessings flow.

  3. Oh you got me on this one MK. I love a hymn. And though I know it’s not the same, it sounds to me like your mother is there, always in your ear, as a mother should be. So grateful Bowen is doing well. Xoxo

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