Well Hello There 2014

Here’s how I spent yesterday evening.  New Year’s Eve:

5:00 pm: Go to Sam’s Club with husband and the kids.  He offers to feed them pizza while I get our groceries.

(I think I teared up at the generosity of this pizza-feeding offer.  Actual tears.  In my eyes.)

And it is not that our kids are crazy/loud/rude/whatever and feeding them pizza is just terrible.  It’s not like they’re running around or throwing tantrums on the floor.  They are generally pretty well behaved.

It’s just…here’s what it involves: ordering at the counter with the two older ones politely saying “Excuse me.  Can I please get that ice cream thing in the picture?” seven times in a row.  Finish ordering and then talk to them about how they were interrupting- even though they said “excuse me”- and by the way, the answer is no on the ice cream.  Then balancing the pizza while getting the kids to a table, with the baby on your hip.  Then getting the high chair from the (often furthest possible) corner of the eating area.  Wrestling the baby into the high chair.  Then cutting up two pieces of pizza for the two boys.  Then getting water for everyone.  Then strategically placing items on the table so they are out of reach of the baby, but within reach of the big kids, but not too close to the edge so as to get knocked off by a stray elbow.  Throw in a few trips back up the counter for extra napkins and a new fork when you break the first plastic one.  And I haven’t gone into the possibility of “I need to go potty” or what it is like if anyone is having a particularly whiny day.

I just feel like I need a nap after all of that, and I was just typing out the words.

So my husband took the kids and I got the groceries…

You know what?  I was going to write a whole post about my New Years Eve, but I should just stop there.  Because that, my friends, is the story of an awesome man.  I married an awesome man.  I don’t want to write about anything else.

He took the three kids to get pizza, while I got the groceries by myself.  When you have little kids- THAT IS LOVE.

I don’t care a bit about flowers or chocolate or romantic dinners by candlelight.  I am sure that will come back into my range of vision one day, but for now- this is how I know he loves me.

(And he does this regularly.  I’m not marveling at this because it is a once-every-six-months thing.  He knows how physically and mentally taxing three little ones are, and tries to shoulder that whenever he can.)

Taking three kids off my hands so I can shop in solitude- that is love.


More later about how I am on day 1 of Whole30!  What can I say- I see a bandwagon roll by and I have to jump on.

8 thoughts on “Well Hello There 2014

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Brant is the exact same way and I thank God every. single. time. 🙂

  2. Yep, that is for sure love. And that you recognize it? That’s a for sure sign that you’ll still be married long after those kids can take themselves out for pizza. Hope you and your family have a year full of good things.

    • i can’t even imagine what it would be like- my kids taking themselves out for pizza. wow. that will happen someday, right???

      thank you, rita.

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