Notes from the Other Side

Day 6 of Whole30. For those not familiar, that’s day 6 of no sugar, dairy, alcohol, legumes, and grains. We eat a lot of chicken. And eggs.

I haven’t read through the “this is what to expect” part of the Whole30 site because I am pretty easily persuaded by whatever I read. And I didn’t want to create side effects that weren’t already there- you know, the power of suggestion and all of that.

However. I know that “irritability” and even “anger” are what some people feel when they come off of sugar.

I wasn’t irritable at all yesterday. And neither was my husband. And if you say we were, I might punch you in the face. We’re FINE alright. Just fine. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE.

And here we are at day 6. Onward and upward!

6 thoughts on “Notes from the Other Side

    • I think some people suffer the worst early on. So maybe you’re just ripping off the no-carb-no-sugar-bandaid faster? Keep going!

  1. Scott and I this a year a half a ago…I won’t sugar coat it (pun intended), it was awful at first. I think I might have stolen from a child if they were holding something sweet or super carb-y. I will say that by about day 14-ish we felt awesome! Now if I could just muster up enough courage to do it again and stick to it!! Kudos for diving in!

    • i want someone to add a page to the whole30 site titled “this is how my marriage was while we were detoxing from sugar”. but i guess you guys are still married, so…?

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