Whole30: Halfway


Poor fish was probably freaked out by all the staring. Chicken set the nativity scene up so Purpley-the-fish would have company.

Here’s something you should know about Whole30: It costs a lot, both in money and in time. Meaning, you will shell out more money at the grocery store than ever before, and you will spend more time in the kitchen than ever before.

I mean- we are moving through Sam’s Club megabags of onions, sweet potatoes, and avocados at lightening speed. And those babies don’t peel and dice themselves.

I did a time log once, so I know about how much time I used to spend in the kitchen. This is waaaaaay beyond what I am used to. So if you love to cook- great! Sharpen those knives and go to town! If, however, you could take it or leave it, this part will be a stretch. (I’m in the latter category.)

Here’s the upside, though: I have more consistent energy throughout my day than before. This is something I heard from people who did Whole30 and was one of the things I wanted to see for myself. People raved about their energy level, but I didn’t understand why that would be so great and so worth swearing off sugar and bread for a month.

But now I’m experiencing it, and I really like this consistent energy thing. It’s not a caffeine-like feeling of energy, where I’m sort of buzzing around. It’s more that I wake up and get moving and then have a steady energy level all day long. It feels like when you haven’t slept well for a few weeks (newborn baby stage, for example), and then you get a full night of sleep. It’s like “Oh. This is more how I’m supposed to feel.” I even get bursts of energy in the early afternoons, which is usually when I am really struggling to scrape myself off the couch.

As a result, I have more patience for my kids, particularly in those afternoon hours when the clock is moving slooooowly. And by now I’m well out of the irrational-anger stage, which is really great for everyone in a 20-foot radius of me. My clothes fit better. And I feel better overall. And having more energy means that cooking isn’t this big drain on my already-depleted-reserves. I can get up off the couch and enjoy cooking more, because I’m not so tired. (Does that make sense?)

We’ve already started talking about what happens next, because I don’t think the paleo diet is for us long term. (That’s what a lot of people transition to after doing Whole30.) I think any diet that shuns legumes and lentils is iffy. (And Michael Pollan doesn’t sound like a fan, either.) But I can feel the benefits of this sort of detox, and I don’t want to just jump right back into lots of sugar right away.

As far as the money invested so far- that is a very real consideration. We have saved some money by not eating out much this month, but not enough to offset the dramatic spike in our usual grocery bill. Offhand, I’d say we’ve easily spent twice what we’re used to. We usually don’t eat much meat but Whole30 really changes that. And meat costs more than black beans. So it feels worth it for the short-term, but not financially sustainable for the long-term.

There you have it: some thoughts on Whole30, as of day 19.


On a totally unrelated note, I added a new page at the top of my blog. Click around if you are looking for a great photographer (or two), a place to get your yoga on, or if you have a spare benjamin in your pocket and want to support a local non-profit. It’s all there, folks.

Can you guess what word this is, that Chicken spelled for me?

6 thoughts on “Whole30: Halfway

    • we’re both pretty happy with it. i don’t know how either of us would have fared if the other weren’t committed, too. actually- i do know. r has wanted to do this for a few years and i was never up to the work that it required. so i guess that’s my answer…

  1. Hi Katherine!

    I’ve always been interested in the Whole30, so it was interesting to read your analysis. Maybe it’s because my eyes are barley staying open at the moment (9:12pm), but your description of having more energy really sounds appealing… 🙂

    • ha! i read this comment from bed at 9:00 pm, so maybe i’m not the poster child for whole30 energy after all… some days are just tiring…

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