Here’s How I Feel about Whole30 on Day 27


Day 10: Whee!!! I feel great!!! Energy!!! Hooray!!!!

I’m over it.

I stopped eating eggs about two weeks ago. I fixed one for breakfast on day 14 or so, ate a few bites, and decided I couldn’t possibly persevere through another egg breakfast. I miss cereal. Cereal is easy and quick and delicious.

My husband and I both felt iffy this weekend. I think we were both fighting off some annoying virus. Once I started feeling better, do you think I wanted chicken and romaine lettuce? No. I wanted a bagel from Bodos. Or toast. Not a handful of almonds.

And guess how enjoyable it is to drink seltzer water and pass on the chocolate bread pudding at C&O this weekend? Not enjoyable.

At this point I feel like- I got it. I learned about food. I learned how food affects me. I learned how to read labels and be discerning. Got it.

I’m just sort of tired of it.

Three more days!

Day 27: I’m so tired of eggs! Please just tell me this is over now…And hand me a bagel.

Emotions perfectly captured by Robinson Imagery.

14 thoughts on “Here’s How I Feel about Whole30 on Day 27

  1. I have seriously felt bad ever since eating that choc bread pudding in front of you and your piddly peligrino. Worst friend ever.

  2. I’m feeling the same.. I’m on Day 15. I get it too… I see how I turn to food when emotional. I can see that drinking coffee black isn’t that hard. But I feel like I’m done with the whole30. Not sure how I’m going to get through the second half.

    • yes at some point we definitely turned the corner to “now we’re just doing it to finish”; even though we both think we “get it” and learned all sorts of stuff and blah blah.

      it’s hard, alright. congrats on 15 days!

    • r likes to do whole30 because it really lets you lord your self-righteousness over other people. how’s that for human?

      so glad it is almost over.

  3. Mm…C&O chocolate bread pudding! That stuff is so good. And you can have some!…in 3 more days. 🙂 Bravo you! Way to hang in there through the sick days!

  4. Almost there…
    I hope you’ll do a post Whole30 post and fill us in on how transitioning back to some grains, dairy, etc makes you feel. I know I can’t eat Whole30 style all the time (or even most of the time) but when I had a slice of cake after my first Whole30 I broke out in a sweat, had a raging headache and soon after serious gut pain. Eye opener and yet… I still don’t avoid cake all the time.
    Congratulations in advance for finishing it!

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