Whole30, in Trimesters

First trimester (The Reality):
My body hates me. It is trying to do me in.

And I dislike everyone and everything. For no reason.

Was this a good idea? I’m not sure anymore.

Second trimester (The Sun Breaks Through):
Ennnnnerrrrrrgggggyyyyy! Glorious energy! Clear-headed thoughts!

All is right in the world. I love my fellow man, and am loved in return.

Everyone should do this thing I have undertaken. I feel good and am glowing. I want to tell the world!!!!

Third trimester (The Bitter End):
My body has turned on me again.

Life is not meant to be lived this way. This is not sustainable.

It must end. Soon. Please.


Happy day 30, fellow Whole30’ers! Congrats on gutting it out to the bitter end. To those who feel great- I’m happy for you. To those who don’t- we have that in common.

I have continued to want nothing but bread and cereal for the past 6 days. Eating chicken, almonds, and eggs alternately tires me or grosses me out. Most meals I eat because I need to, but not because I am hungry. My appetite is minimal.

For me, all signs point back to a balanced diet that includes more variety and more of the entire food pyramid. I am much more aware of my sugar intake now, and will keep that in mind so that it is a more of a treat-on-occasion, and less of a hourly-treat-for-any-reason-at-all. I didn’t know how sugar is so common in…everything. So detoxing from that- great.

But the whole grains? Legumes? Lentils? I’ve said it before- I can’t see cutting those out forever. I’m a fan of listening to your body and I’m ready to eat the bread and the variety my body has been dying for.

Am I glad I did this? Oh heck yes.

Am I glad it is over?


3 thoughts on “Whole30, in Trimesters

  1. That’s exactly how I felt when I went vegan! Food was only for sustenance. I’ve never craved meat more in my entire life. For a brief time I went gluten-free vegan. And was never more miserable. Ever. Glad you are back to the carbs.

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