Brain Dump

1. I tried my hand at homemade laundry detergent. I had the ingredients on hand already (Borax, Washing Soda, Fels-Naptha soap and a wave of some magic hippie crystals) and figured why not. It should have saved me money, except- nope- because lots of spots wouldn’t come out and I had to rewash clothes all the time.

I am a laundry minimalist, so this simply would not do. So I added “Tide?” to our Sam’s Club shopping list and imagine my surprise when my husband bought some on his last trip. There was “?” on there because I grew up convinced that only rich people use Tide and didn’t know if we were ready to join the ranks of the top tier. If I had gone to Sam’s Club I would have looked at that bright orange container and eventually bought the Member’s Club version next to it.

Well. Here we are. The next time you catch a whiff of my laundry detergent, know that is the smell of wealth.

2. This is where I found the Monkey napping last week. Under Sister’s bed. I’ve learned not to panic when I can’t find him where I think he should be, and the house is quiet. Check the stairs, behind an armchair, or in a rubbermaid bin- he has napped in all of these places.


3. My friend Elisa told me that maybe our adrenals were worn out on Whole30, and that is why my husband and I got sick’ish and never really felt better. I don’t know what that means, but Elisa does and I tend to just believe people who are obviously better versed in certain subjects than I. So maybe we should have had a dose of carbs sometime in week four and we would have felt better. Live and learn.

4. Ask me how much weight I lost on Whole30. Ask me how much I’ve gained since I have finished.

Same number.

Helllloooo carbs! Good to see you again!

5. I have written about stalling out on photobooks for the past few years. Now we have pictures spread out on one external hard drive, one dead macbook, an iphone, and an ipad. I just read this about outsourcing various tasks to other people. So I’m thinking of outsourcing the completely overwhelming task of consolidating all of these pictures in one place for me. I can’t make a photobook when all of the pictures are in four different places.

I’m sure someone else would enjoy the challenge of it. And could use some extra money. To me, the project is completely overwhelming and every month that passes leaves me feeling more buried in pictures, and less hopeful of getting it all sorted out. Totally worth the money to pay someone else. Right?

10 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. I kid you not, I bought Tide for the first time last week. (Ask me about shopping at CVS! I’m nerdily excited about it!!) I washed all of our bedding it in and had the exact same thought- “This is what rich people’s stuff smells like all the time.”

  2. I love that you’ll hesitate to buy brand name detergent and then pay someone to organize your photos.
    I’ve got a book for you. It’s called Predictably Irrational and it’s why I stopped couponing.

  3. My husband only buys storebrand detergent until his mother bought us some Tide Pods. They worked so much better, but old habits die hard, he wants me to just use one pod and half a cap of generic laundry detergent instead of the recommended two!

  4. i’m allergic to tide and let me know when you find the photo person. i JUST said i would pay to have someone do that for me.

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