Some Reading for You


He knows to say “Cheeeeese” when the cheapy camera phone comes out. I love our little Chunk.

Here are a few things I enjoyed from around the old interwebs recently:

This article looks at the connection between a person’s relationship with their parents, (mostly the father) and their relationship with religion. I told my husband about it and he was like “Yeah…That’s why you hear all those talks about how people tend to view God in the same way they view their Dad- warm/loving/punitive/angry/whatever”. And I was like “Oh. Right. Those talks.”

But I still thought it was interesting.

I used to be into Mormon blogs but now I’m all sucked into Catholic mom blogs. They don’t tend to look like rockstars or hipsters quite as much, but I’m fascinated by the stories of wrangling six kids on a daily basis. I read this post and loved her description of rest. After reading this earlier this week, I have taken more time feeding the kids their breakfast and putting it away- because that’s important. I’m also enjoying some stretches of quiet and boredom without feeling antsy to fill it up. It’s been nice.

(My mom was good at that rest thing.)

This home is right up my alley. Our last apartment was about 700 square feet and I loved vacuuming the whole thing from one outlet- which was one of this lady’s requirements as they were building. Cleaning our apartment was a snap and I enjoyed the challenge of keeping our “stuff” at a minimum. Loved this article.

Here’s an NPR write-up on the importance of play in child development. Takeaways: Unstructured time is beneficial for kids. Let them play. Let them fight. Let them work it out. It’s good for brain development!

(I found the play link via another Catholic blog!)

2 thoughts on “Some Reading for You

  1. The post on rest. The last 6 weeks have been crazy for me–and I’m feeling the effects. I really needed to read that this morning. Thank you for posting it. And I loved that small house, too. While some things about Portland can really pinch my colon, I also love that I live in a place where people build such homes and make such choices.

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