Brain Dump


Blurry and happy

1. I am so ready to pack up the snow boots, snow suits, hats, gloves, and scarves away once and for all. I hear we’re due for another cold snap and to that I say BOOOOOOOOO. Polar vortex, you are so lame.

I’m tired of stepping over/around/on snow gear.

2. We got a loft bed from a friend today. Until now, the Monkey has slept in his “toddler bed” (which is just his crib, with one side taken off) and it was time for an upgrade.

We tucked Chicken’s bedframe under the loft, creating a bunk bed of sorts. The kids are ecstatic about their new set-up and practiced going up and down the loft at least 17 times. I am sorry to gush about a loft bed and my cute children but- whatever- they are so excited and it is darn cute.

3. One of my children required a visit to the dermatologist this week. After we left with prescription in hand, I realized I didn’t catch the name of the child’s diagnosis. Mostly because I had all of the kids with me in a small space and I was trying to keep the baby from breaking all of the plastic “this is your skin, close up” models. So tracking with the dermatologist was at about 20%, at best.

Anyway. Get home, call the office, get the name of the diagnosis, do a quick google and DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT???

Hit “close” as quickly as possible and vow to never google any diagnosis from a dermatologist, ever again. So gross.

(They never photo-document the mild cases, do they?)

4. I might go screen-free for my evenings during the month of March. This would mean no mindless interweb surfing after 5:30 anymore, except on Saturdays (because we wanted one night off). My husband and I talked about doing this on Sundays for a while but it never really “took”. I’m not sure why we decided to up our game so much, given that the Sunday thing never got traction- but here we are!

Okay maybe I’ll give myself two evenings a week… Writing that out just gave me cold feet on this idea…

5. The baby is teetering on more verbal language but doesn’t have many actual words yet. This in-between stage is terrible. He can understand everything we say but can’t verbalize things back to us. Our days have a repeated script of “use your words, buddy!” as he shrieks in frustration about something that we can only guess at. Then we give him the words to use and he repeats a butchered version of it back to us and we reply with “Good job! That’s a kind way to ask!”.

And we do this like 700 times on a typical day.

On a positive note, the dermatologist commended me on my parenting at the end of our appointment. He noted the baby’s melt-down over the stupid plastic model and gave me props for how I handled it.

That was great to hear.


Being a mom is really crazy-making sometimes but there’s nothing else I’d rather do right now. And when the baby says his cute, garbled version of “See you soon!” and waves to the ladies as we leave I’m like “oh my gosh I love this little parasite so much that I’m not that peeved about how he kept trying to break that gross close-up skin model thingy”. It’s a unique thing- this bond that sucks the life out of me one minute and then fills me right back up a minute later.

This is hard (even Forbes says so) but I’m happy I get to do it.


One thought on “Brain Dump

  1. Well said, Katherine, well said – the part about how being a mother sucks the life out of you one moment and then fills you right back up about a minute later. You do a beautiful job remaining gentle and loving with your children. I agree with the doc!

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