Vulnerability Blehhhhh

I am going to a work conference tomorrow and it is recommended that participants do a writing assignment before attending. I won’t go into the the writing assignment (or the conference) much, but I will say that it involves recalling early (difficult) memories and writing about one in detail.



Concurrently, here’s what I am reading- Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead.

After hearing much positive chatter about this book for the past year and watching a TED talk by the author, I checked it out from our local library.

Side note: how much would my mom have LOVED this book? I bet she would have bought all of us kids copies for Christmas, even before she finished reading it herself. Alongside Boundaries, of course. So we could have vulnerability with the appropriate boundaries.

So that’s on my agenda for the night. Wading into a childhood memory to see what I can learn about myself, while I notice that I’d much prefer to browse facebook for 45 minutes. You know- catch up on those friends I haven’t spoken to in 15+ years.

Some call this avoidance.

I might read about vulnerability and be all for it, but only FOR PEOPLE OTHER THAN MYSELF.

On a different note, I went to the Young Life banquet in Loudoun this weekend. I have a steady love for this ministry, even though it has its flaws. This was up in the foyer, which made me happy. The picture is my mom with her oldest grandchild. There are ten grandkids now- quite a crew.


10 thoughts on “Vulnerability Blehhhhh

  1. Let me know if you figure out the vulnerability stuff. Even more so if you find a short cut through it. The only thing I like less than vulnerability is inefficiency.
    That pic of your mom made my heart flip & flop about. She is still dearly missed in the people she impacted.

    • “The only thing I like less than vulnerability is inefficiency”- hahaha. Maybe you and I should just link up sometime, get all our vulnerable things out there, and cross that off the list.

      Denny and Natalie were also honored. Such incredible people that we all got to know.

  2. The fact that Ruth would have loved this book makes me want to read it, and I will. My oldest, Ramsey, who is 16 in the 10th grade, is enjoying YL. Went to her first camp last month. Knew that organization was close to Ruth’s heart, but didn’t know the details from the picture. Love hearing from you, cuz. It brightens my day!

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  3. I love you and your posts. They always seem to say exactly what I would say in the same situation – only much more hilariously. 😉

  4. For some reason, I didn’t know about your family’s involvement in YL! That’s awesome! My husband is the area director in east Edmonton (our home town)! YL definitely isn’t as big up here in Canada as it is in the States, but we’re getting there 😉

  5. My mom was a camper in that cabin at Frontier Ranch. 🙂 I love that story. (And she would totally give us those books too!…so that made me laugh.)

  6. Katherine, it was great to run into you at this conference yesterday. I was thinking of Brene Brown the whole time, too – love her and just read “Daring Greatly” last year. (Btw I totally avoided that assignment to write something about childhood – postponing vulnerability is really healthy right?)

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