My little Monkey is four today. Four!

Four years ago, we lived at the Bonhoeffer House on University Circle. I woke up with a contraction at 3:00 a.m., woke my husband up a few minutes later, and was holding the little Monkey in my arms at 4:10. Our doctor didn’t even take his coat off- there was no time. It was CRAZY.

(I am pretty sure I have told that story before, but- sorry- I’m saying it again. Because I can’t celebrate his birthday without thinking about his ludicrous arrival into the world. I have no category for such things, other than lunacy.)

I have been disarmed by this little one ever since. He is crazy and makes me laugh so much. I have to hold myself back from baby’ing him, because he still has a little-boyness about him that makes me want to treat him like he’s two. Maybe it is his speech. Or his relationship to his thumb and his bear at bedtime. But- whatever it is- I’m not urging him on to the next stage very quickly.

Oh well. He’ll get there eventually.

For his birthday, we’re going on a family trip to see the dinosaurs. (Because they’re going away for five years! Yowzas!)


Do you know that I restored my ipad last night, and watched as my pictures started reappearing again, one by one? No seriously. That happened. I had made my peace with not backing them up and, consequently, losing them. We still tried various ways to tap into my photos via my husband’s mac, but none seemed to work. So we did the restoring thing, acknowledging that this will delete all the contents of my ipad.

But then- they just started appearing. All of them!

I don’t know. I don’t get it. I checked my cloud storage and they weren’t there.



Last night I cleaned out my purse and found a smattering of soy sauce packets at the bottom, looking worn and thin. Tell me that isn’t a disaster waiting to happen. Kind of like not backing up your life in photographs on a cloud or some external hard drive. I live life on the edge. (Of foolishness).

3 thoughts on “Four!

  1. I’m so glad your photos came back. I remember the fire at your parents’ house and how your Mum was searching for photos in the debris the next day. They are so important to reinforce our memories of the past.

  2. God’s grace is the only explanation for the pictures. Precious Monkey, happy 4th!!! Love from your cousin, Mary

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